Magic Kingdom Converting 3-Design Electric Penny Machines to $1

A few months ago I posted about the first 3-design electronic penny machine I came across at Disney’s Magic Kingdom that had been converted over to $1. In case you haven’t read that article I’ve got it linked here. When that machine was changed over we all knew it was inevitable that the rest would soon follow. This is not a quick process as the vendor and I’m sure Disney don’t want to have all the machines removed at once so they take a few at a time. I’ve been documenting the changes and all the machines at Magic Kingdom have finally been swapped. I will state right here at the beginning that none of the penny designs have changed, they are all exactly the same as they were before this conversion so we won’t spend much time on those. I will include pictures of the new coins since for the most part the machines are pre-loaded with shiny new zinc pennies. We have seen reports from fellow collectors that sometimes they luck out and get a machine with some older copper pennies inside, but it seems to be a mix bag at this point. So without any further delay let’s hop on the monorail and get inside the Magic Kingdom.

The parks have recently been relaxing some of their heath requirements and the crowds have definitely started to return.

Once inside the Magic Kingdom we are going to take a quick trip through the entire park showcasing all the newly replaced machines without much sightseeing in between locations. First up we head into the Main Street Fire Station. This has recently got through a bit of a change inside.

This use to be where you could sign up to play the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom interactive game, but that has been removed and inside has now returned to looking just like a turn of the century firehouse.

The next machine was quite a ways away, we skipped down Main Street USA, cut through Adventureland and ended up in Frontierland back near Splash Mountain. There is a penny machine hidden near the exit to Splash Mountain, but you do NOT need to actually ride the attraction to access this machine. You can just walk back here and use the machine and stay completely dry.

This machine received a nice makeover during it’s removal. The old cabinet was pretty beat up and now it’s been nice and refurbished and repainted.

Next we headed past the Peco’s Bill quick service restaurant, past the Country Bears Jamboree and just off to the side of the main pathway is the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade.

This location has two machines and both have been converted over. The first one is located on the right side of the shootin’ arcade.

On the left side of the arcade is the second machine. This one has also received a nice new pain job and looks ready to press some coins.

Leaving Frontierland we next find ourselves in Liberty Square. If you head in the direction towards Cinderella Castle there is a pathway that goes past the exit to the Hall of Presidents attraction.

In this little alcove is where our next stop was to check on this 3-design pressed penny machine. The designs haven’t changed, but I always really liked this set and they definitely seem popular among guests.

Above is a close up of the new payment system. These machines no longer accept quarters and pennies, instead due to the higher cost the machine will accept $1 bills through the scanner towards the bottom. Please note that the machine does not give change so you will need the correct denomination to use. This is also the only way to press just individual designs. If you want to use the electronic payment system with either a credit card or digital wallet like ApplePay or Google Wallet you will automatically be charged the full $3 and will get all 3 designs.

Continuing our tour around the park we skipped through New Fantastyland and Tomorrowland since there were no 3-design machines in these areas. We found ourselves heading back down Main Street USA towards the front of the park and headed inside Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.

The machine is just past the check-in desk for the restaurant but not actually inside the area with all the dining tables.

This was another machine that was overdue for a bit of a facelift and it back looking much nicer than before. I do find that this machine still presses it’s designs a little short and more often than not they get cut off on the one side.

Sorry for the whirlwind tour of the park, but we have visited each of these machines in detail previously and I didn’t want to dwell on them too much this time around. But since they have been changed over to the new payment system and higher cost I did want to document them and share these changes with everyone so you can be prepared for your upcoming trips and squishin’ missions.

What do you think of the increased cost? Will this change how you collect or make you more selective of the designs you press. Be sure to let me know down in the comments below and we can discuss. Have a fantastic week and as always be sure to Keep on Pressing!


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