Super Hero Headquarters – Disney Springs, FL

Has anyone gone to see the new Captain America Civil War movie?  If not you may be one of the few that hasn’t seen this huge blockbuster.  Marvel is certainly a huge commodity and Disney is cashing in on that investment.  I had visited Disney Springs a few weeks ago and one of the new stores I found was called Super Hero Headquarters.

SH HQ Front

This place was filled from corner to corner with everything to fill Marvel needs.  T-Shirts, plush, posters, figures, you name it they have it.

SH HQ Store

 Unfortunately for me I found out afterwards that they had recently placed a new touch screen multi-design penny machine in this store only a few days after I had been there.  Thankfully a Florida friend of mine was able to visit the store and press a set for my collection.

DS - SuperHero HQ Photo

This is an 8 design set all themed around Marvel’s Avengers.  Each design is numbered and includes images of: Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, the Avengers Logo, and Loki.  On a side note after you go pick yourself up a set of these be sure to go check out the new Town Center at Disney Springs.  This brand new shopping and dining area just opened on May 15th and looks really nice.

DS Town Center 01

I’m excited to check this place out the next time we are in Florida later this year, and hopefully there will be some new penny machines by then.


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