Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – New York, NY

Even though it was November and with a slight chill in the air I still had the urge for some ice cream.  After finishing my lunch I walked around the corner and hit up the next place on my list to complete to tasks at once.

Ben & Jerry's 01

Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream was founded in 1978 in Burlington Vermont by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.  Their ice cream is known for being very chunky and having very unique combinations.  I don’t have their ice cream all the time as I find it’s pretty rich with all the things mixed in but every so often it just hits the spot.

Ben & Jerry's 02

As soon as I walked in there was a display cooler filled with Ice Cream cakes, and the smell of fresh waffle cones was intoxicating.

 Ben & Jerry's 03

This location did also offer some fresh-baked goodies like chocolate chip cookies, brownies and chocolate covered pretzel rods.  But I was here for one thing, the biggest Cherry Garcia I could get my hands on.  It’s their edible tribute to guitarist Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.  It’s cherry ice cream with cherries and fudge flakes coursing throughout.  With my waffle cone in hand I sat by the window and indulged.  After cleaning myself up I headed towards the door where there was a penny machine.

Ben & Jerry's Machine 01

A few years ago my wife and I took a trip up to Vermont for a weekend and visited the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory.  They also had a penny machine with similar designs but as you can see below these did have a nice New York touch to them.

Ben & Jerry's NYC Pennies

The pennies included images of the New York Skyline, Peace Love and Ice Cream NYC, Rockefeller Center NYC, and the Statue of Liberty holding an ice cream cone.  With my craving satisfied I headed back out into the busy New York street and headed towards my next destination would help work off the ice cream and let me be a kid in a huge toy store.


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