Toys ‘R Us – New York, NY

In the heart of Times Square is one of the biggest toy stores I have ever been in.  I remember as a kid the town I grew up in didn’t have one of these mega toy stores so the only time I got to visit one was when we went on vacation.  Now they seem to be everywhere and even though I’m no longer a kid I still could spend hours in this store.

Toys R Us 01

This Toys ‘R Us is really amazing.  As soon as you walk in off of Broadway you are greeted by a huge ferris wheel.  Yes the ferris wheel is inside the building.

Toys R Us 02

There are multiple floors that have every toy you could think of.  I found an entire area just dedicated to the biggest Lego collection I have ever come across.  I started at the bottom and worked my way up.  Down near the area where you can get on the ferris wheel I found the first penny machine in the store.

Toys R Us Machine 01

The machine was kind of located in the middle of the pathway so I caused a bit of a traffic jam while I used the machine.

Toys R Us 01 Pennies

This first set of designs were sports related which seemed kind of strange for a toy story.  They included the Toys ‘R Us Logo, NY Sports Fan, New York Yankees, and the New York Mets.  I quickly moved out of the way to let the crowd behind me pass by.  Then I began my tour of each floor checking out each floor.  After picking out a few items for my daughter I went through the checkout and then towards the side exit.  This is where I finally found the second machine.

Toys R Us Machine 02

After waiting a few minutes for a couple of people to finish using the machine I moved in to press my set.  The machine worked nicely, but a couple of the coins came out a little misshapen.

Toys R Us 02 Pennies

These designs also didn’t have any toy related designs, but were still New York themed which was a nice addition to my collection.  The images were the Toys ‘R Us Logo with the New York Skyline, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square New York, and New York’s Bravest.

With my pennies and gifts in hand I headed outside and was greeted by the Naked Cowboy who was singing and playing his guitar right in Times Square.  He’s not technically naked but does wear a tiny little bathing suite type bottom.  You can feel free to google him if you are really interested.  He has been located here for years and has become quite the attraction for tourists to take pictures with.  I waved at him and walked on by as I had one last place to go before meeting up with my cousin for the Hockey game.


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