Conservation Station – Animal Kingdom WDW

In the Animal Kingdom located near the African section of the park there is a Train Station for the Wildlife Express.  Before having kids I used to refer to this as the train to nowhere.  It was a nice little train ride which lasted maybe 5 minutes or so, then you would get off and walk what seemed like half a mile to a building.  We usually just made a pit stop in the bathroom, grabbed a frozen Mickey ice cream and headed back to the train for a return to trip.  There really wasn’t much to do at what was known as Rafiki’s Planet Watch and now the Conservation Station.

But on our last family trip we made the train ride up and our kids loved it there.  The favorite was the petting zoo which we had to drag them out of after about an hour or so.  Now when we visit while the kids interact with the petting zoo animals I can take a quick stroll over to the Conservation Station and use the new 3 design electric penny machine that was just put on stage.

AK - Conservation Station Pennies

These designs each say Worldwide Conservation Fund on them and include designs of Donald looking at a map, Goofy standing by a giraffe, and our favorite Lion King gang Timon, Pumbaa and Simba.

Years ago there were a few machines located here which is really why I made the trip to nowhere, but a couple of years ago they were removed.  It’s kind of out of the way to get here, but now that the kids enjoy visiting their barnyard friends it’s a trip worth taking.


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