Tower of Terror Courtyard – Hollywood Studios WDW

The Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios literally does strike terror into my core every time I see it.  My brother-in-law went for a drop on our family trip last April and has a great picture and magical moment video of his ride.  But I really can’t imagine every going on it.  Although I’m sure as my daughters get older I may be dragged on at some point which will keep me up and night.  In the mean time I’m okay just getting close enough to use the machine in the lobby that presses quarters.

However there is now another reason for me to get a little too close to this ride.  A new 4 design hand crank machine has been placed in the courtyard right out front of the Tower of Terror.

HS - Tower of Terror Courtyard Pennies

I’m really impressed with these four designs, and really like this set.  The images include Mickey in front of the elevator, scared Minnie Mouse, Bellhop Chip and Dale, and Bellhop Goofy in front of room 1313.

I always like the clicking noise the hand crank machines make as your turn the handle to press the coins.  But unfortunately it’s not loud enough to drown out the screams of people riding the Tower of Terror, and in a few short years it may be my screams you hear while using the machine.


One thought on “Tower of Terror Courtyard – Hollywood Studios WDW

  1. I love collecting elongated Penny’s to the Tower of Terror is fun it is my favorite ride there. Now I’m more excited knowing they got new Penny’s giving I was just there in had to hunt for a tower of terror penny just found quarters.


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