Digital Disney Pressed Pennies

We are certainly living in the future, everything seems to has gone digital. Photography, movies, television, currently and even NFTs whatever that is. Now I’m here to tell you even out beloved Pressed Pennies has gone digital Now this may not work exactly as you are picturing in your mind, this isn’t something you can do at your favorite roadside attraction or in any of the Disney parks. Although now that I think about it that would be a fun interactive game they can implement, but Disney please don’t take away our physical penny machines! However what I’m about to show you is Disney related so what you need to do is grab your smartphone and download the Free (to play) Disney Collect! app by Topps.

If you have ever been into collectible sports cards, or to be honest any type of collectible card you are probably familiar with the name Topps. They were the original blind bag collectible. I remember saving up my allowance to buy a pack of Hockey cards hoping to find one of my favorite players.

Topps has been releasing physical card for years, then starting in 2012 they going the digital age by releasing apps for your phone that allow fans to collect digital baseball cards. This was followed by separate apps for other sports like hockey and soccer, then they entered the entertainment genre with Star Wars, Marvel and Disney apps.

Once you have the app installed and your account setup you will find yourself with a home screen that has quite a few different options available to start collecting. As with physical collectible cards the idea here is to start buying packs of cards and get them into your collection. You do earn free coins throughout the day, as well as free Magical Gifts that can include cards from many different available sets.

Inside the store there is a constantly changing assortment of card sets available for your to collect. Click on one and you will get some additional information about that set, including a count down to when it will expire and no longer be available. There are also different pack options that will list how many cards you get for a certain amount of coins, and the odds per pack of getting rare or unique card variations. There are more expensive options as you scroll further down the list that give you better odds at acquiring those special cards. Just be aware that as with many “Free to play” apps you can spend your actual money to buy more coins to help speed up your progress if you chose, but that can certainly add up if you aren’t careful.

You can view your collection at any time and even if the set expires you do not lose the cards you hav already collected. This just means that those packs of cards can no longer be purchased through the store. So how can you fill in those missing cards from a set you really want. Well just like we used to do on the school playground you can trade with your friends and other users of the app. There are so many other little things you can do within this app to ear or upgrade your collection but I’ll leave that up to you to explore on your own.

Now let me show you something I recently found while working on my digital Disney collection. I was in the shop checking out some new sets that were available and noticed this one with Steamboat Willie (Mickey). I’m a sucker for classic Mickey stuff and immediately started working on collecting this set. In my haste to start buying up packs I completely overlooked the details of exactly what special cards were available.

Then in one of my packs I got a “card” that looked suspiciously familiar. I clicked on the info button for this card and there at the bottom my eyes were drawn to Group and Variant name “Chrome Pressed Penny”. WHAT!!!

Suddenly I had a new mission, the rest of this set was completely gone from my mind, instead I had to do whatever I could to collect all these pressed pennies. Well it took awhile but I eventually was able to grab the entire set and look at these they are so cool.

I had so much fun working on acquiring this entires set and once it was done I wondered if there were any other similar sets available with different themes. Well it didn’t take long for me to find quite a few other sets of digital pressed pennies available.

Here was another set I found with some classic Disney Villains including the Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, King Candy, Gaston and quite a few others.

Some of these have some ambiguous names to the series but the app does allow you to see what each design looks like even if you haven’t collected it yet. That way you can see which ones you still need to finish up the set. Here’s one called “Topps Timeless” with penny designs of Tinker Bell, Raya, Marie, Tiana and more.

They have even released multiple series for some of the sets. Like the above Series 2 of the Topps Timeless with new designs including Chicken Little, Baymax, Merlin, the Cheshire Cat among them.

Earlier this year they released a new Mickey Memories Collection dated for 2023 with the fab five and a special completer coin of the entire gang all in one design.

There are quite a few other sets but I wanted to show off just one last collection that even had players collection special silver medallions for Disney’s 100th Anniversary. It takes a lot of patience and time to work on each of these sets but they are absolutely obtainable even without spending your own money. I insist on playing this without spending any of my actual money which does add to the length of time it takes. For me though that part of the fun and I don’t need to worry about saving up my allowance to do so.

So what do you think of what I’m assuming is our first form of Digital Pressed Penny collecting. I truly hope this isn’t the ultimate destination for our hobby, bu for right now I think it’s another fun way to enjoy collecting some pennies when you may be stuck inside or unable to travel. In case you were wondering non of the digital penny designs I’ve seen so far look like any of the ones we have collected from Disneyland or Walt Disney World parks. Since those are created by another company I’m sure they don’t want to share their designs with Topps.

Are you going to give this a try and start collecting your own digital pressed pennies. Let me know down in the comments below. Enjoy the rest of your week and as always Keep on Pressing…Digitally?


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