Encom Flynn Lives (TRON) Elongated Coins | Privately Designed

I remember watching videos when Shanghai Disney opened with all their fancy new attractions including the iconic Tron coaster. Now I will admit that the Tron movies were never really my favorite. One thing is true though, the light cycles were amazing and seemed like only time (ahem almost 40 years) before Disney turned those into an attraction at the parks.

The Tron coaster version has just officially opened here in Florida at the Magic Kingdom, after what seems like way longer than it probably should have to be completed. This is an attraction I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and was able to experience it during a special preview a few weeks ago. It’s a high speed thrilling coaster that I actually think many guests will be able to enjoy even if you aren’t a big coaster fan. But something I would have been even more excited about would be the prospect of some new elongated coins for this attraction. Unfortunately as we have seen with many other new Disney attractions they open with plenty of new merchandise but no pennies, at least not for the first few years, and it seems like this is also the case so far with Tron.

To help tide us over in the mean time I did come across a new design from our friend and designer Don Cade. This design shows off the classic Encom logo which is the fictional computer technology corporation in Tron. Kevin Flynn was a gifted computer programmer employed at Encom who created some best-selling video games including Space Paranoids, Matrix Blaster and Light Cycles.

Don has this design available in a few different denominations, and there is also a variant design that has a special backstamp image of the Disneyland / WDW Pressed Coin Collector logo he created. If you are interested in this or any of Don’s other designs you can contact him through a few different elongated coin facebook groups that I have linked here.

Welcome to the Grid, and as always Keep on Pressing!


One thought on “Encom Flynn Lives (TRON) Elongated Coins | Privately Designed

  1. I was at the Tomorrowland Launch Depot on Saturday 4.22.23 and they have added a pressed penny machine. It has a total of 8 pennies and does accept card payments or cash. It is located just inside the main entrance to the left of the doors.


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