Pixar’s Coco NEW Pressed Penny Set | Disneyland, CA

We are back inside Walt’s Original park Disneyland on the hunt for a new set of pressed pennies. As I mentioned in a previous post Disneyland has really started to pick up the pace with releasing new coin designs and hopefully they keep them coming.

We are skipping down Main Street and heading right into Frontierland. This was always my favorite land when I was young, and I still really enjoy it today. Across from the Shooting Arcade is a place called the Bonanza Outfitters.

Surrounding this store is a classic wooden boardwalk and that is where you can find the brand new pressed penny machine. It is not inside the store, but instead just outside on this boardwalk near the main set of doors.

Photo courtesy of ParkPennies.com

It’s a standard looking plain wood cabinet but I actually think it kind of fits well in this area of the park. I would have liked to see maybe a few bullet holes in the sides or mud kicked up around the bottom to finish off the theming, however I feel like maybe this is only a temporary location.

The penny designs available in this new machine are themed around the Pixar animated movie Coco which I absolutely loved. The colors were incredible and they are certainly pushing the envelope of what computer animation can do. As I mentioned this does seem like a bit of a strange location for a set of Coco pennies, so maybe these will be moved elsewhere in the future.

Of course can’t forget to flip over the pennies and take a closer look at the Disneyland backstamp. These coins just have the standard Disneyland Park logo which is nice, but also a bit strange. I mean it makes sense since that the park they can be found in, but why not have the Frontierland logo, even the Pixar and Coco logo.

All in all this is another great set of pressed pennies and I’m happy to see more Coco themed coins. We still have a few more new sets of coins for Disneyland on the way so don’t leave the park just yet. I’ll be back soon with more details. Keep on Pressing!


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