World of Disney NEW Pressed Pennies | Downtown Disney California

It’s finally starting to look like Disneyland is back in the swing of things with releasing some new elongated coin designs. There has been quite a period of time between new releases out on the west coast, but that is all starting to change with quite a few new sets arriving in the parks over the last few weeks.

Before we head into the parks, let’s first take a trip to Downtown Disney and stop in the massive World of Disney store.

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Inside this store you can find pretty much any type of Disney merchandise you could want, and previously there were two separate 3-design penny press machines located here. Those two machines are still thankfully available, but now they have added this brand new 8-design touch screen model.

I have seen fellow collectors referring to this set as the Disney Friends collection and I think that’s a great term for them. It includes many fan favorites like Aladdin & Genie, Pinnochio, Tinker Bell, Ariel and more. When I first saw these designs they looked very familiar, and sure enough these are very similar to a set we have here in Florida also at our World of Disney store which you can read about here.

The main different is that these designs list Downtown Disney at the top of each image instead of World of Disney Disney Springs.

There is one other big difference and that is the backstamp that is common among most of the Disneyland elongated coins. I love this addition to each coin, and wish they would do it here in Florida.

I’m very excited to see that Disneyland is back with some new penny designs and we do have a few additional sets on the way so stay tuned for those updates in the near future. Keep on Pressing!


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