Congo River Golf Collectible Chips – Kissimmee FL

For anyone that as followed my adventures you know I’m kind of obsessed with elongated coins, and even have dabbled with the collectible medallions we have seen at the Disney and Universal theme parks. However I’ve come across another collectible item that has piqued my interest poker chips. Now I will say up front that I’m not hit up any local casinos. It started a few years ago when I visited the FUN coin show here in Orlando and they gifted visitors a custom chip with the coin show logo on it, and more recently I ordered a privately designed elongated coin set that included a custom chip with the same design on it and that was the icing on the cake. Stay tuned for those coins in an upcoming post. As my chip collection slowly started to grow I was curious if any local attraction may offer their own. I live in central Florida so I figured if anywhere would have a gimmicky item for sale to collectors and tourists this would be the place, and sure enough I found a potential location.

Over in Kissimmee Florida is a pretty well known attraction called Congo River Golf. I remember years ago when I was much younger on a family vacation to Florida and we loved playing these overly themed courses.

There are quite a few of these located around Orlando and it seemed to look exactly as I remembered from all those years ago. The details and props they have all throughout the course are really fun.

The story of the course is themed around an old archaeological expedition. Before you even start your round of golf you have to cross this bridge that has hungry alligators below it. Yes, this is actually true, but they are just little baby gators and you can pay to feed them, or even get a picture of you holding one if that is something you are interested in.

There are two separate courses available to play, and each course has 18 holes. They do range from fairly easy, to a couple that can be quite challenging.

Keep an eye out as you move between each green, there are so many fun little details and gags you may miss them.

This is really a beautiful place to visit and it can be quite relaxing if you aren’t too intense with your game play. There is a highway nearby that can get a bit noisy but other than that it’s a nice break from the parks.

The courses are quite long and there is a bit of walking between each hole, but we found there was plenty of shaded areas and places to sit for a little break as you play. Towards the end of our course we were up on top of the waterfall which gave a beautiful overview of the entire property.

Once you are done playing you go back to the front desk to turn in your borrowed clubs. Then you can opt to feed the gators, or play in the nearby arcade if you like. Plus they have plenty of refrigerated drink machines around to try and help you cool off after your intense round of mini-golf.

While my family sat in the shade to cool off I wanted into the little gift shop area and found a display with the collectible chips I had heard about. They offered four different designs on different colored chips. The reverse side of each chip had the same image which was the Congo River Golf logo.

Unfortunately these didn’t specify they were from the Kissimmee location which would have been great. After this visit I did head over to a second location in Orlando just to double check if they had different designs but they were exactly the same. The employee didn’t know if these will be changed or updated in the future, but I guess that just means I’ll have to come back for another found to keep an eye on them. The cost was $2.99 per chip and if you buy 3 you get the fourth one free. So they are a bit more expensive than a pressed penny, but cheaper than the collectible medallions. I really love these and hope to find more places along our travels that offer this type of souvenir.

Keep on Collecting!


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