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Today we are back with another really cool unique pressed penny related item. Have you ever heard of something called an impossible bottle?

Real simple this is a bottle that contains an object that does not appear to fit through the bottles mouth. There are many different objects placed inside but a common one you may recognize is a ship in a bottle.

Photo Credit: Deryn Le (

Some other objects that have appeared inside an impossible bottle include matchboxes, Rubik’s cubes, scissors, padlocks and one of my favorites decks of playing cards. It really seems like anything can be placed in one of these bottles and that includes our lovable penny.

More commonly called a Penny in a Bottle, this popular souvenir finds a US one-cent coin sealed inside a small bottle. Some of these bottles are left blank, while others have printed text or a logo of the location the souvenir was created for. I’ve seen versions created for various bank promotions, and also theme parks like Disneyland. Now this is pretty cool but I think you and I would both agree that having one of these with a pressed penny inside would be even an even better treasure. Thankfully there are some out there that you do have to really search for, but just recently I received a very special package in the mail from our friend Boomer over at

We have shown off the special penny in a previous post, but this is truly such a special item and I’ve been at a loss for words since I received this. I have no idea how they get these items inside, but that’s just par of the fun and mystique of this amazing souvenir.

A huge thank you to Boomer and his family over a If you are a Disneyland elongated coin collector I’m sure you already know all about their website, but in case you are one of the few not familiar go take a look. They have compiled a massive amount of information about all the Disneyland pressed coins both past and present, plus many unique items like Cast Member only designs, one of a kind retiree sets and even a section all about Pennies in Bottles. Their site has been my go to source for my Disneyland pressed coin collection and I can’t speak highly enough about it.

Have a fantastic rest of your week, and make sure to keep your eyes open for more fun and unique penny related items. Keep on Pressing!


3 thoughts on “Pressed Penny in a Bottle |

  1. Hey! Great article! I happened to stumble across it when I was doing a little research. The article pulled me in mainly because you used my I’mPossible Decks in the bottle photo without giving credit. That’s all I ask for. Thanks!

    Deryn Le


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