Summer Tribute Store Medallions | Universal Studios

Originally Universal Studios starting creating their Tribute Store during Halloween Horror Nights. Over time however, they have really gone above and beyond turning this into a season store that guests look forward to. The theming inside is always top notch and I find myself really trying to take my time and soak it all in. Not too long ago we checked out their Mardi Gras edition which you can check out here.

Now for the summer season they have reopened The Tribute Store as a retro Movie Theater. The outside facade fits that theme perfectly and even has the classic movie posters on the wall.

Some guests fly through the store just to check out the merchandise, but if you take your time there are so many little details and easter eggs throughout you can really find some things like these Reeses pieces from E.T.

The first theater room we enter is themed around Elliot’s room from E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.

There are family pictures on the walls, toys everywhere, plus all different kinds of merchandise including a Speak & Spell should you need to contact your home planet.

Theater #2 can be summed up by just a few notes. Dah-dum, Dah-dum…’s Jaws.

This room was probably my favorite and the details just continue. On this desk in the corner of the room were flyers to elect Mayor Larry Vaughn, and even had Chief Brody’s business cards.

The last theater was featuring another one of my favorite movies Back to the Future. Inside this room we are immediately greeted by Doc’s huge speaker ready for Marty’s guitar solo.

There was a cabinet with all sorts of famous items from the movies including the Sports Almanac, Doc’s letter to Marty that he was in the old west. The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance poster, and even the clock tower model. So much cool stuff in here.

Before heading out we found ourselves at the movie theater concession stand.

From E.T. moon Macaron’s and Basket Dessert Cakes, to a Jaws Fishbowl cake there are plenty of fun sweets and treats for you to try.

Just before you leave the tribute store there is one last little scene that seems like we are exiting through a storage room with film reel canisters stacked all over the place.

Tucked away in the corner is the Collectible Medallion machine with some new coins available.

There is a coin for each movie including E.T., Jaws and Back to the Future with a fun Save the Clock Tower design. The fourth coin has Kong the 8th Wonder of the World who made a small cameo in the concession stand room we just left. The reverse side of all the coins is the same and has the retro looking Universal Studios Florida logo.

On the desk near the medallion machine was this news clipping that caught my eye. Is this Tribute Theater haunted? Maybe this is a nod to their upcoming Halloween Horror Nights which I cannot wait for, and my fingers are crossed for some new HHN medallion again this year. Universal Creative really goes above and beyond with these Tribute Stores, they could just toss up some shelves and sell the merchandise, but creating these really detailed environments has become an attraction of itself. Keep up the great work Universal and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


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