Pirates of the Caribbean 55th Anniversary Medallion | Disneyland, CA

Here on the east cost in Walt Disney World we have seen quite a few collectible medallion machines released over the last few years. Initially I tried to stay away from collecting them, but the designs were just too intriguing and after picking up a few for an Epcot Festival I just had to have them all. Disneyland however out on the West Coast seemed like it was immune to getting these collectible medallions at least for awhile, but that has recently changed.

Earlier in 2022 the first collectible medallion machine was released in the Pieces of Eight gift shop. This is not the larger main gift shop for Pirates of the Caribbean but instead is a much smaller shop located in New Orleans Squares. in between the Blue Bayou restaurant and Port Royal Curios and Curiosities store.

When this news was released I immediately started inquiring around with other collectors trying to see what these new medallion designs looked like. Eventually our friends over at Parkpennies.com did release pictures and I was a little upset that they were exactly the same Pirates of the Caribbean designs that we had here in Walt Disney World. Even the reverse image on each coin was the same. I thought at least it would have the Disneyland logo instead but that was not the case. If you would like to see pictures of these medallions you can check out our WDW post on them here.

Now just a few months later we have received news that one of the designs out in Disneyland has been replaced with a new design.

The Pluto design has been removed maybe temporarily, once this anniversary design is removed. In its place is this beautiful design of the skull and crossbones with 55th across the brim. On the reverse side is the Pirates of the Caribbean logo also stating the 55th Anniversary of this fan favorite attraction.

We don’t know how long this design will be available, I would anticipate at least through the end of this year once the anniversary of the attraction would be over. But as we have seem with these medallions it seems like quantities can sometimes be limited and once gone they do not return. If you are interested in learning more about the Disneyland Collectible Medallions be sure to visit ParkPennies.com for their full guide and pictures. They are always my main source of information when it comes to Disney coins.

Have you fallen prey to collecting these medallions? Or are you still on the fence about starting? Let me know down in the comments below.

Have a fantastic week, and as always Keep on Pressing and Collecting!


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