2022 TEC Member Coin

Not too long ago I received my favorite piece of mail, a small little envelope from the The Elongated Collectors Club (TEC). I’ve mentioned the club in the past many times but that’s just because it took me a long time to finally join the club and once I did I was upset with myself for not joining sooner. The most recent Quarterly Newsletter arrived in my email and I always love reading the articles from our fellow members. They run the gamut of collecting tips, personal penny smashing trips, historical information about our hobby and so much more. But then as an added perk we also receive this small envelope with some very unique elongated coins only available to members. These coins much like the newsletter articles cover a white range of topics and it’s always such a surprise to see what we get. One coin however is always expected and highly prized and that is the annual member coin.

Here is the 2022 version of this fantastic member coin. It was designed and rolled by current club President Paul Connor, and was engraved by John Gusmano. The design was rolled on nickels as is the case with most years (there was a special penny version one year). As you can see it includes a very detailed owl the TEC mascot filled with some very intricate geometric shapes. TEC listed across the top, 2022 in the middle and Member along the bottom.

If your interested in learning more about TEC please check out the website www.tecnews.org.  At the website you can find plenty of information about the club, and there is a gallery with all the previously released elongated coins. If you are ready to join you can fill out a membership form directly on the website.  Then once you are a member you can look forward to these annual member coins and so much more.  Keep on Pressing!


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