Disneyland / California Adventure NEW Pressed Penny Sets

I love Disney, and have loved Disney since I was young. My family was lucky enough to visit both Florid and California parks on numerous occasions during my youth and that obsession has continued into my adulthood. Of course part of that love included all the amazing elongated coins and now that I live in Florida keeping up with my Walt Disney World collection has been much easier. The West Coast collection however is a bit more challenging to maintain. In previous posts I’ve mentioned the different Facebook groups I’m a part of for elongated coin collecting and I can’t state this enough, those communities are fantastic. Not just a wealth of knowledge, but with very kind friends offering to press a set along their travels. This is where my friend Kelly comes into this story. She is an active member of one of these groups and visits the California Disney parks quite often and has become my penny pressing proxy.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks

Since all the park closures a couple years ago Disneyland has been very slow with releasing any new pressed penny designs. I’m not sure why, but it was a long time before anything new was found. Then it seemed like the flood gates opened and within a short period of time there were three new sets of coins. Kelly rose to the occasion and headed out to the parks to press quite a few sets from what I’m told for us desperate collectors, and they all just arrived so let’s take a closer look at them.

Photo Credit: Kelly B.

First up we have a returning machine inside Disneyland at the Pieces of Eight – Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop. These designs were previously released back in 2016 and we posted about them here. From what I was told that original machine and designs were a bit problematic. Inconsistent pressings and maintenance issues forced it to be removed not long after it was released.

With the return of this machine it appears they have fixed the issue and the pennies I received looked in much better shape then the originals I got in 2016. The designs haven’t changed, but it’s nice to see this fun set back for guests and pirates to collect.

Photo Credit: Yesterland

Sticking around Disneyland but on the opposite side of the park in Tomorrowland is where the next set of pressed pennies can be found. The machine is located inside the Star Command Suppliers gift shop for the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters attraction.

Photo Credit: Kelly B.

Inside this shop we have a brand new 8-design digital touch screen machine which replaced a 3-design machine that you can learn about here. These don’t seem to be as prevalent (Yet) in the California parks, but I have a feeling more of these will be appearing before we know it.

This set of new elongated coins primarily focuses on Buzz Lightyear with a few designs of the famous Space Ranger, as well as Zurg and a Little Green Man. But also includes a few Toy Story pennies with Woody and Jessie included.

Photo Credit: Mouseinfo.com

The third set we are going to take a look at today takes us across the promenade and into the California Adventure park, and then follow the sound of water towards the Grizzly River Run white water rafting attraction to find Rushin’ River Outfitters.

Photo Credit: ParkPennies

Didn’t I just mention we would be seeing more of these 8-design machines, well here you go. Technically I guess this was cheating since I already knew it was released, but I still hold my belief that many more of these will be showing up soon in the West Coast parks. I do like the cabinet on this machine as it just blends in so nicely to this rustic wood cabin style building.

These pennies are fantastic. I am an absolute fan of the Pixar movie Up! and was so happy to see a full set of 8 new pennies celebrating this movie. That one design with the house and all the balloons is amazing, plus I really like the Wilderness Explorers logo and of course the Grape Soda badge is just perfect.

Well that’s going to do it for new Disneyland pressed coins so far and I’m really impressed with what we have seen so far. Hopefully they don’t take too long before bringing out even more new designs because us collectors have been waiting quite a while and are ready for more. Plus I’ve got my hookup to hopefully making acquiring those new coins a bit easier. As soon as we have more I’ll be sure to share all the details with you my amazing collecting friends and family.


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