Pressed Penny Mafia – Pressed Coin Set

A wonderful perk of posting all my travels and pressed penny adventures here on our Blog and videos on Youtube is that I get to chat with so many of you, my penny pals.  We get to share tips or tricks about our collections, or even just give me all the juicy details about their own personal squishing’ missions.  I’m so obsessed with pressed coins that even though I collect quite a few on my own, I love to live vicariously through all of you and your experiences as well.  We have such a fantastic community here of collectors it’s just a lot of fun to share our passion with each other.

As part of our community I’m a member of quite a few different Facebook groups about pressed coins, and find that’s another fantastic resource.  I hear from a fellow collector Amy looking for some coins that I was able to help acquire for her and since then I think we have become pretty good friends.  During one of our conversations she let me know about a Facebook group she was running called Pressed Penny Mafia and that name immediately intrigued me and I joined right away.  As with most of the other groups there is plenty of posts about coin trips, new machines and plenty of trading and selling coins.  Then one day I saw a post from Amy about a new penny design she had created and when I signed up to buy / trader for one she let me know about all her other designs and there are quire a few.  That’s what I wanted to showcase today are the amazing Pressed Penny Mafia designs.

03 PPM Penny Designs

The first set of four designs were released back in 2019.  These designs are so cool and really fit in with the theme of the Facebook group.  Penny In Penny Out, Group Image, Lucky Loot and Hit by the Pressed Penny Mafia.

02 PPM Penny Designs

Then in 2020 the next few of designs were released throughout the year.  Squishin’ Mission, Lady Luck, You’ll Never Get My Coppers and The Only Group That Makes Cents.

01 PPM 2020 Members Coins

Amy also released special Member Designs in 2020 which were available on a penny and nickel.  I’m crossing my fingers that these become an annual release as I’m all about limited dated designs.  They make for such a fun and unique mini-collection.

06 PPM Boss Lady

The latest design in this collection is pictures above and was made available in April 2021.  Boss Lady is another great addition to this set.  The style of these designs are really beautiful and thought out.

04 PPM Amy Brennan

Amy has designed all of these herself.  She works with John Gusmano who etches the dies and Paul Connor rolls the coins for her.  In case you are interested in picking up any of these designs (or all of them) I did check with Amy and they are all still available for purchase.  The easiest way is to join the Pressed Penny Mafia PPM Facebook group which I have linked here, it’s completely free to join.  There is plenty of trading and selling of pressed coins in the group, plus you’ll be among the first to hear about all of Amy’s new group specific designs.  As a little sneak peak Amy shared that there are two more designs already scheduled for release later in 2021, and she is currently working on at least another 8 designs for future production.

I also put together a fun Film Noir style video about these coins that is available on our YouTube channel that you can check out here.  This was a lot of fun to put together and hopefully you enjoy it.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out more Privately Design and Pressed coins.  I think all to often we as collectors spend plenty of time collecting designs from Disney, Six Flags or many other large companies but we overlook that there is a huge market of privately designs coins out there and I’m going to try my best to showcase as many of them as I can.  I hope to see you on the Pressed Penny Mafia Facebook group soon, and make sure to pick up these coins for your collection.  You won’t be disappointed.  Until next time, Keep on Pressing!


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