Brother Bear Pressed Pennies – Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

A few days ago I was doing a tour of all the Disney parks and resorts looking for new coins or machines that may have moved.  I do this periodically to try and ensure that our Park Maps are up to date for other collectors.

After a long day of traveling around the property, I made it over to one of my favorite resorts the Wilderness Lodge.

The lobby of this resort is breathtaking and I enjoy going up a few floors to try and take it all in.  The log cabin style, huge fireplace, and gigantic windows filling the place with natural sunlight is just an amazing sight to see.

Back down on ground level I was getting a bit hungry and figured I would try and grab something to eat.

They do have the famous Whispering Canyon Cafe where you ask for Ketchup at your own risk.  They have family-style skillets of BBQ meats and sides plus plenty of shenanigans from the wait staff makes for a unique experience.  Unfortunately on this visit, I was a bit early and they were not open yet.  As I turned around to head towards another dining option I noticed something in the corner.

Located in this dark corner was a new 8-design pressed penny machine.

The cabinet was made to look like it was built out of wood planks.  It would have been fun to see this made to look like it was created out of logs like the rest of the resort, but this was still a nice looking new machine.

I went ahead and pressed a set of pennies for my collection.  To my surprise, the set was all designed around the 2003 animated Disney movie Brother Bear.  The theme matches well with the Lodge but I didn’t think this was that popular of a movie.  I guess I’m just a little bitter as I’m still waiting to see a Robin Hood set of pennies available somewhere!!

With the pennies stored away I was ready to find something to eat, but then just as I found something I received a message on Instagram about another new machine available in the Magic Kingdom.  I grabbed something quick to eat and headed out back of the Wilderness Lodge to grab one of the boats to the park.  Stay tuned to read about that machine soon!  Happy Collecting.


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