Contest – Win a Set of 2018 Walt Disney World Pressed Coins


This is a chance for you to get a complete set of the 2018 Pressed Coins that I had written about in a previous post.  Click here to read all about them and get more details on each coin.  This will include all 15 coins (8 Pennies and 7 Quarters).

We did this last year or maybe the year before and got some great suggestions, so I wanted to try it again.  All you need to do is post a comment below with any ideas you have for the 2019 annual set that you would like to see for next year.  This can be a unique set of movies, characters, ride or attractions, or food (Mmm…Dole Whip Penny).  Last time we had suggestions of Disney Snacks, Yearly Festivals and Holiday Parties like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Let your imagination run wild.

Post as many times as you like, and be sure to spread the word.  This is always a lot of fun when there is lots of participation.  The contest will end on July 31st, 2018.  At that time I’ll randomly select a winner and will contact you for your mailing information.

Good luck!!

**Please note this is just for entertainment purposes.  This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by The Walt Disney Company and this contest does not mean these coins will actual be implemented.  As I mentioned this is just for fun, but you could get a free set of coins.

29 thoughts on “Contest – Win a Set of 2018 Walt Disney World Pressed Coins

  1. So, because we have never been to Disney World I think I will binge watch your YouTube channel tomorrow to get a bit into the groove for this contest, smile.

    I really like your videos, wished I could share them with others because they are so well done.

    Please keep doing what you do – You Rock!! 👍🏽


  2. I really like your ideas of the foods- that would be cool. What about a set for each land around Disney World? That may get expensive but it seems cool!!


    • Absolutely agree!! They did release a set of designs over at the Christmas store in Disney Springs of these characters but I don’t think there are any other designs available. I’m all about seeing as much of Jack and this cast of characters as I can.


    • Fantasic. That is such a cool idea and I never would have thought of it. They have so many broadway shows both current and in the past that would make for a really cool set. I can just image some cool Broadway Marquee lettering across the top of each design!! Love it!!


    • Aww Stitch what a character. I see people in the parks all the time with Stitch clothing, plush dolls, and even tattoos. He really is a very popular character. Great idea, I would love to see more Stitch designs. Maybe even a set of the different “Experiment numbers” 626 – Stitch, 624 – Angel, etc.
      Really cool idea thank you for posting!!


  3. Really enjoy your videos, brings back so many good memories of Disney World!!! Would love to see videos of how to complete sets, machines can change spots so it would make for great guides. Would span many areas instead of just hotels.
    Another idea would be to get videos from Universal Studios, have a few coins from there too (T2:3D!!). Would also love to see “gone but not forgotten” videos of coins no longer available for pressing. All other ideas given so far are great too.

    Keep up the great work 🙂


    • Hi Daniele. Thanks for the input, always appreciate the feedback. I did just finish filming all the machines at Universal Studios, City Walk and Islands of Adventure so those should be available hopefully soon once I get them all edited together. I love the idea of the complete sets. It was something I was toying with as there are sets like Snow White, or Lady and the Tramp that has between 5-8 designs but are spread out all over Disney property. The gone but not forgotten is always a fantastic idea and I’ll try to come up with some ideas for that. Thanks again!!


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