Chesapeake House Travel Plaza – Maryland

On a recent business trip I had to cut through Maryland and took the opportunity to check out a few Travel Plaza’s on I-95.  First up was the Chesapeake House Travel Plaza which is located between exits 93 and 100.

Chesapeake House 02

The nice thing about this plaza is you can access it from both the North and South bound sides of I-95.  After making a quick pit stop I wondered around to find the two penny machines located inside.  It was pretty early in the morning so not much was open yet inside, but luckily the machines were out in the main area for use.

Chesapeake House Machine 01

As you can see there weren’t many people around so it made using these machines really easy.  I always find that usually at these travel plazas if there are machines people are always leaning on them and worst of all if they are near the restrooms good luck fighting the crowd to press your pennies.

Chesapeake House Machine 01 Blog

The four designs were of the Drum Point Lighthouse, the Maryland State Flag, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and I Bussed Along I-95.  With these coins safely stashed away  I made a 180 turn and directly behind me just a few strides away was the second machine.

Chesapeake House Machine 02

I will say that coming from Jersey we have a lot of machines located up and down the Turnpike, Parkway and AC Expressway but a lot of the designs are duplicates.  These two machines have some nice unique designs that are Maryland themed.

Chesapeake House Machine 02 Blog

This next set of four pennies includes the Chesapeake Bay, Frank Zappa, a Black-Eyed Susan (MD State Flower), and the Baltimore Orioles Logo.

Before leaving I grabbed a coffee and a quick snack before heading back out to my car.  I still had a long drive ahead of me and quite a few more pennies to press.  Remember if you are traveling along any of the big interstate highways and need to stop for gas or a quick snack be sure to explore every inch of the plaza because you never know where you may find a penny machine.


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