Ellen’s Stardust Diner – New York, NY (Update)

Awhile ago I had visited Manhattan (New York City) to visit with my cousin who was in town.  He had his own agenda for that day so I took the opportunity to visit some penny machines that were new, or some old friends that I hadn’t visited in quite a few years.  I wrote about all the different places I visited that day in numerous posts which you can view in the archives.  However one of the places I visited that day had a broken machine and I wasn’t able to get the coins.

Ellen's Stardust Diner 01

Ellen’s Stardust Diner is located at 1650 Broadway right in the heart of Times Square.  You can read my short post about my quick visit to this place here.  As I mentioned when I visited this location the machine was jammed and I wasn’t able to use the machine.  When I got back home I waited a couple of weeks and wrote a quick letter to the Diner explaining what happened, and asked of someone would mind pressing a set of pennies for me when the machine was repaired.  I send these letters from time to time when I’m unable to get the coins, and in most cases there is always someone kind enough to help me out.

As I always do I included a little bag with the appropriate number of quarters and pennies along with a self addresses stamped envelope for them to ship the coins back to me.  I appreciate their assistance but would never expect them to pay for the return shipping.  I find the easier you make this on these places the better results you will get.

I visited this place back in November 2015, and here it is June of 2016 and I had pretty much written these coins off at this time.  But I came home from work today and found the familiar self-addressed envelope sitting in my mailbox.  I quickly tore into it and was surprised to see the Stardust Diner pennies, along with a very sweet hand written note by one of the staff.


As you can see from the picture above there are four designs at this location.  The designs are of Ellen’s Stardust Diner famous singing and dancing wait staff, NYC Times Square, I Love New York / Statue of Liberty, and We Will Never Forget World Trade Center.

It’s nice to finally be able to complete this set of New York City coins from that trip.  However I check on pennycollector.com from time to time for any changes and already see new machines are available in the area.  Looks like I’ll be making a trip into the City real soon.


2 thoughts on “Ellen’s Stardust Diner – New York, NY (Update)

    • Absolutely. Is there any you are specifically interested in? The only thing is that I’m in the middle of moving and a lot of my collection is packed up. Depending on what you are looking for I hopefully can get access to them. Otherwise in the future once my move is done I can send over a list of the coins I have for trade.


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