China Pavilion – Epcot WDW

In all my time collecting pressed coins from Walt Disney World I don’t remember a time when there was a machine located at the China Pavilion.  To be honest I didn’t go through each and every penny I have in my collection, but just from memory if there were coins here it was a long time ago.  Now all of a sudden as this beautiful pavilion they have not just one but two penny machines.

This really is one of the more picturesque pavilions located in Epcot’s World Showcase.  Unfortunately since my family usually starts by the Canadian pavilion and work counterclockwise around the Lagoon.  I’m not sure why other than we are Canadian, but in any case we are usually pretty tired by the time we get to the China pavilion and don’t spend much time here.  Which is really a same because this is a great place to check out.  When you do visit the pavilion you will want to stop by the House of Good Fortune Gifts.

Good Fortune Gifts

This place has all sorts of great goodies from China, including a large selection of souvenirs, candies, and of course tea, tea pots and beautiful tea sets.  Also located in this store near the doors that lead to the promenade is the first penny machine.  I will say that these coins did prove to be a little elusive for me, and I eventually found a set on eBay from a seller I use quite often.

EPT - China 01

It’s an electric three design machine that includes inmates of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto.  If you are visiting this pavilion and use this machine you can walk out into the promenade towards the museum building and you will find the second machine.

EPT - China 02 Pennies

The second machine is a 4 die hand crank model with images of Donald Duck “Strength”, Goofy “Good Luck”, Mulan in front of the China Pavilion, and Goofy pulling a Rickshaw carrying Mickey and Minnie.

After getting these two sets I am really impressed with the designs.  They make for a nice additional to the World Showcase series, which now includes designs for all of the country pavilions.  It’s the United Nations of pressed coins and fits neatly in your pocket.


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