Clara Barton Service Area – NJ Turnpike

As the summer comes to and end we have been taking a lot of little trips all over the state to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.  I’ve mentioned this in the past, that if you need to go really far north or really far south the Turnpike is the quickest way to go, but all the pot holes and massive amounts of traffic can really test once patience.

This past weekend we were visiting some family and ended up on the New Jersey Turnpike.  I took the opportunity to check out another Service Area that was along the way to see how the penny machine was working, and whether the designs had changed (wishful thinking).  The Clara Barton service area is located on the Southbound side of the turnpike located between Exits 1 and 2 in Oldmans Township around mile marker 5.4 (in case you really wanted specifics).

NJ - Clara Barton Sign 2

I ran inside and found the machine located near the restroom area which also makes them a prime place for people to lean on.  There was a gentleman making sure that in case gravity gave out he would ensure the penny machine stayed safely grounded.  I approached and nicely asked to use the machine and he moved aside slightly as I took my pictures and pressed a new set of coins.

NJ - Clara Barton 01

According to my records these designs are the same ones that have been here for the past few years.  I wouldn’t anticipate these changing anytime soon as they are similar to almost every other rest stop in the northeast (except in Maryland but that’ll be for another time).

NJ - Clara Barton 01 Pennies

The machine rolled the pennies very smoothly which is also unique for these machines.  Usually they are pretty tough to crank and you need a lot of elbow grease.  The designs include: I Love You, My Lucky Penny with a Shamrock, The Lords Prayer, and a Unicorn with a leash?!? Maybe a princess necklace.  Who knows, I remember seeing this design a few years ago and being puzzled by it then as well.

With the fresh pressed pennies in my pocket I grabbed a Cinnabon and a frappuccino from Starbucks coffee before getting back in my car and finishing our trip. It’s nice to be able to crank out a few pennies to relieve some aggression when you’ve been sitting in Turnpike traffic for a few hours.


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