Revenge of the Fifth Day 2023!

Out of all the Star Wars movies and TV shows released my all time favorite is Empire Strikes Back. Part of it could be that was the one we had on an old Beta Max (yes I’m that old) tape and would watch it over and over again. The planet Hoth and the battle scene there is one of my favorites, we are first introduced to the iconic AT-AT walkers, Tan-tans, Master Yoda, Lando Carissian and probably one of the most shocking relations An interesting fact about that relation is that it’s one of the most misquoted movies lines.

Most fans will say “Luke, I am your father” which is incorrect. The line is actually “No, I am your father.” To be honest I’ve been guilty of referencing the incorrect version, but either way this single line shook everything I thought I knew about Star Wars back when I was young.

The above elongated coin featuring Darth Vader, the Star Tours logo, and the line “I am your father” was available at the Tokyo Disneyland theme park inside the Tomorrowland Terrace.

To all our Sith friends out there. I hope you have a great Revenge of the Fifth day !!


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