Tokyo Disney 100th Anniversary Pressed Coins

This post was requested by some collectors and Disney fans who have been actively working on collecting the special 100th Anniversary medallions and pressed pennies available at both domestic US parks Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida. Below are photos and information on the 8 pressed coins that are currently available at the Tokyo Disney Parks and resorts. Happy collecting!

Tokyo Disneyland

Penny Arcade

Just as you enter the park in the World Bazaar section you will find a familiar looking exterior of the classic Penny Arcade. Here you will find a coin machine that has a Disney 100 design that includes a silhouette of the castle with Tinker Bell sprinkling some pixie dust. The bottom of the coin also lists Tokyo Disney Resort.

Tomorrowland Terrace

Over in the futuristic land of tomorrow at the Tomorrowland Terrace they have a special enclosed area setup just for the souvenir medallions (pressed coins). There appear to be three machines in this location, but only one of them has a new Disney 100 design of their beautiful castle surrounded by fireworks. This design also includes the Tokyo Disney Resort along the bottom.

Tokyo DisneySea

Villa Donaldo Home Shop

We jump over to what many fans and guests call the most beautiful Disney park ever created Tokyo DisneySea. As you enter this part you find yourself in the Mediterranean Harbor and one of the stores here is called Villa Donald Home Shop. There you will find an amazing looking coin press with one of my favorite Disney 100th designs of a classic Mickey Mouse surrounded by fireworks.

Tokyo Disney Resort Line (Monorail)

Bon Voyage Souvenir Store

Bon Voyage is a large souvenir store located next to the JR Maihama Station at the Gateway to Tokyo Disney resort. Inside one of the amazingly themed pressed coin machines has a Disney 100 coin with a great image of Walt Disney’s face and has Tokyo Disney Resort along the bottom.

Resort Gateway Station

For these last few machines they are located at the different Monorail Resort Line stations. First is the Resort Gateway Station that has a couple coin machines available. There is just one Disney 100 design here of Minnie Mouse with her classic Bow also surrounded by Fireworks. This bottom of the coin has Disney Resort Line listed.

Tokyo Disneyland Station

The next stop on the Monorail Resort Line is the Tokyo Disneyland Station. Here you can find the next Disney 100 coin featuring Tinker Bell flying among some fireworks. The bottom has Disney Resort Line.

Bayside Station

Continuing our trip on the Resort Line we come to the Bayside Station which is the stop closes to Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels. The Disney 100 coin at this station has a Classic Disney “D” surrounded by stars. The bottom of this coin also lists Disney Resort Line.

Tokyo DisneySea Station

The last stop is at the Tokyo DisneySea Station which is obviously the stop for that park and Hotel MiraCosta. This final Disney 100 pressed coin has Donald Duck surrounded by fireworks just like the other designs of his friends. The bottom of this coin also states Disney Resort Line.

That is the entire set of Disney 100th pressed coins or collectible tokens / medallions however you would like to reference them. There were only 8 designs released and it seems like some of them may have already been replaced. With Tokyo Disneyland currently celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary newer coin designs have been released for that celebration. You may be able to find some of these through other collectors or resellers on sites like eBay. Good luck and Keep on Pressing!


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