Sunflower Pocket Poet Elongated Coin | Privately Designed

I think by this time everyone is ready for some warmer weather, looking forward to Spring time and of course the beautiful flowers. None more iconic that the infamous yellow Sun Flower.

Our friend and fellow collector Kristina also know as Pocket Poet on YouTube has created her very own custom elongated coin design featuring a dazzling sunflower design. Working with a designer, engraver and then having your own design rolled is a work of love and dedication to go through the entire process. I think the end result of Kristina’s coin design is superb and I’m so happy to have one in my collection.

Please be sure to go and visit her YouTube channel here for some great videos showcasing all different types of coins, including plenty of elongated coins. If you are interested in purchasing one of these coins for your own collection you can reach out to Kristina through her YouTube channel.

Keep on Pressing!


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