(Update #2) Flashback – 100 Years of Magic 2002 WDW

The Walt Disney Company is about to begin celebrating their 100 year anniversary of the company’s existence. Now I will admit that I am very hopeful that we will see some brand new elongated coins or collectible medallions released to help celebrating this celebration. Our on the west coast in Disneyland some of our fellow collectors have already started seeing special medallion booklets which is a very good sign. But so far here in Florida we haven’t seen anything as of yet. This did remind me however of another 100 Year anniversary that took place in Walt Disney World back in 2001-2002 when they marked the 100th birthday of Walter E. Disney with the 100 Years of Magic celebration.

For this celebration they released close to 50 special elongated quarters that were scattered all over property, in the theme parks, resorts and some other harder to find locations. Over the years I have been working to try and collect all of these designs and with each passing year I seem to get a little bit closer. I’ve already posted about most of the coins I’ve acquired and you can read about them here in the initial post here, and then in the first update post here. Well here we are a few years later and I’ve been able to get my hands on a few more quarter designs, so let’s take a closer look.

This first new set of three designs showcase each of the All-Star Resorts Movies, Music and Sports. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I really love the added touch to each of these designs with the Established (Opening) year of each resort, just something to keep an eye on as you check out all of these elongated quarters.

The second new to my collection set of designs include Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, the always popular Fantasia Gardens Mini-Golf, and Old Key West Resort the original Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort.

That’s all of the new ones I was able to picked up but are some great ones, although to be honest I absolutely love all of these and think this set is a great one. This is probably why after all these years I’m still working hard to get them all. These above coins do inch me a bit closer to getting the entire set and I’ve already got my sights on a few others I found so there may be another update before too long. Keep on Pressing!


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