Main Street Electrical Parade Medallions

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to see hundreds of Disney fireworks shows and parades. Every so often they get changed or moved from park to park, but there is one that has always been my absolute favorite and that is the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Currently at the time of writing this post the Electrical Parade is running at Disneyland in California, and is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. It has changed parks over time, and there were rumors it would arrive at Walt Disney World for our 50th anniversary but that did not happen unfortunately. Disneyland however has released some special merch to help celebrate the parades special anniversary.

For most guests the special merchandise can be found in various shops around the park like the Emporium, us coin collectors however find ourselves heading into the Main Street Penny Arcade.

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Years ago when I visited Disneyland last, I remember heading into the Penny Arcade and it was filled with pressed penny machines. Unfortunately those days are long gone and for the most part penny machines have been removed from this spot. Recently though a brand new Collectible Medallion machine has made an appearance.

These medallions are fantastic. I love that they show off some of the iconic vehicles and characters from the parade including the main band car, Firefly, Mr. Snail and my personal favorite Elliot from Pete’s Dragon.

The reverse side of each medallions has the above stating the Main Street Electrical Parade 50th anniversary. I am completely in love with this set and was thankfully that friend from our collecting community was able to grab a set for my collection.

As with all Disney celebrations the 50th anniversary of this parade will eventually end and I’m sure these coins will be retired as well. So if you are interested in a set I would make sure you try and acquire them as soon as you can. I’m still hoping that at some point this parade will make the trip across the country so I can see it again here in Florida. But until then at least I have these coins and my favorite dragon Elliot. Keep on Pressing!


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