Cats in the Hat NEW Pressed Pennies | Universal’s Islands of Adventure

I visit Universal’s Islands of Adventure quite often, and one of the “islands” is Seuss Landing which more often than not I find myself just passing through. It’s very color and does indeed give the feeling of hopping right inside a Dr. Seuss book, but if certainly designed more for younger guests.

In the past I have taken my daughters here and they of course love this area of the park. My youngest prefers the carousel, while my oldest is more info the High in the Sky Seuss Trolly ride. I however am usually the only one interested in going on the Cat in the Hat ride which do enjoy more just out of nostalgia. It’s a classic dark ride that certainly is in need of some updating. The animatronics inside are a bit rough around the edges and don’t seem to work as well as they used to. I also remember a lot more spinning of the ride vehicle from past visits, but now it only spins a couple times right near the end.

When you finish your ride through the Cat in the Hat attraction you exit down a hallway towards the Cats, Hats and Things gift shop. Just before you enter the gift shop we came across a brand new pressed penny machine.

This machine cabinet is really fun, and that is something that many of the penny machines throughout Seuss Landing have in common. They all seem to have been designed by Dr. Seuss with no straight angles and some even seem to look like they shouldn’t be able to stand up straight.

The penny designs here are all themed around the Cat in the Hat story including the Cat himself, Thing one and Thing two, Fish and of course the kids whose house the Cat visits.

Now this ride is not very thrilling, other than a few spins towards the end. But if you are someone that is not interested in riding that is no issue at all you can still access the penny machine just by visiting the Cats Hats and Things gift shop.

Head straight back through the store and you will see the hallway where the ride guests are exiting and the machine is right there. The team members working in this store are always so friendly that if you have any difficulty finding the machine just ask them and they will point you in the right directly. There used to be a 3-design penny machine in this store up near the front entrance but that has been removed and assumed to be retired.

There are quite a few other penny press machines throughout Seuss Landing and most have had the same designs for quite a few years now. I’m hoping maybe this means we will see some other new machines in the near future and of course plenty of new designs. With so many great Dr. Seuss books they have plenty of characters that deserve their own penny designs. Keep on Pressing!


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