We Want You PPM #14 – Pressed Penny Mafia

In the past I’ve posted about the wonderful Facebook Group Pressed Penny Mafia – PPM which I am a card carrying member. The group is filled with many fellow collectors and share all sorts of fun knowledge about our favorite hobby elongated coin collecting. But a big perk of the group is that Boss Lady Amy is continuously creating new penny designs for the group. Not too long ago I showed off Lucky #13 which you can read about here.

It didn’t take Amy long to release the fourteenth design in her set and it is another great one, and acts as a great recruiter coin. I always look forward to these new PPM penny designs and placed my order as soon as they were available. As always a huge thank you to Amy for all she does with the Facebook group. If you are not a member I included the link to the group at the top of this post. It is completely free to join and there is just so much great information available there plus you can then contact Amy to order your own special PPM pennies.

Remember We Want You….to keep pressing plenty of elongated coins.
Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!


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