Pressed Penny Machine Model

If you’ve been hanging out here with us for any length of time you may notice that periodically I post about some unique items. I’m obsessed with anything even remotely related to pressed pennies or elongated coins. In the past we have reviewed jewelry, art work, videos games and most recently a pressed penny Christmas tree ornament. Just recently I came across another item we can add to this unique list.

One of my daily routines is scrolling through my Facebook pressed penny group pages to see what people have posted throughout the day. One post that caught my eye was from fellow collector Florian from Germany. He had designed and crated a 3-D printed model of a pressed penny machine. The pictures he posted looked pretty cool but I was certainly intrigued and wanted one for myself. I reached out to Florida, placed my order and a few weeks later my package arrived.

As you can see it’s pretty large and stands a little under 7 inches tall. I love the elongated coins that are attached to the “cabinet” of the machine.

The details of the internal mechanics are pretty impressive as well with the coin slider, die and gears. The hand crank does turn but obviously this does not actually press anything. I have this sitting on my desk next to my computer and just love seeing it there. Maybe future versions will have some of the internal parts like the gears actually turn, but for now I’m really happy with this model. I don’t know anything about 3-D printing but I’m sure designing this took quite awhile and many prototypes. A huge thank you to Floridan for putting this together and making it available.

If you know of or come across any unique items related to pressed coins or the machines please be sure to leave me a comment below I’d love to hear all about it. Have a fantastic week and as always Keep on Pressing!


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