Edible Pressed Penny?

As most of you I’m sure are aware Walt Disney World is currently celebrating their 50th Anniversary. The celebration kicked off October 2021 and will continue on for 18 months. Previously we posted about the special 50 (ahem..53) pressed pennies, and the the 50 (ahem again..53) collectible medallions. But during this time they are also releasing some very special merchandise, and near and dear to my heart snacks. There were so many to try, but one immediately caught my eye so it was time for a trip back into the Magic Kingdom.

We didn’t have too far to go since the item was available at Casey’s Corner which is located at the end of Main Street USA towards Cinderella Castle. Currently they are still encouraging everyone to use their mobile order system so I grabbed my phone and placed my order.

The item we were here to try is the Pressed Penny Silk Pie. Yes you hear that correctly, this is a special edible pressed penny dessert.

The ordering process was pretty quick and within a few minutes I was walking out with our snack. I headed over to the picnic area in front of the castle and settled in to get a closer look at this beauty. The description said this was a Chocolate tart shell, with a silky chocolate filling, sweet whipped cream, dark chocolate curls and topped with a chocolate pressed penny.

The above is my attempt at a cross section picture for you, but it was pretty hot out and this thing was starting to melt a bit. My first spoonful was incredible, it has a very chocolatey taste to it, but since it was a silk pie it was light and airy at the same time. Once I started eating I couldn’t stop, this was really fantastic.

How could I forget about that chocolate pressed penny on top. I remember seeing a picture online from Disney previewing this item and the penny design looked familiar so I searched through my collection and found it. I think this was such a cool touch to the snack by including an actual pressed penny design that was available in the park. I brought my penny along for a bit of a photoshoot, then enjoyed taking a bite of the penny…umm I mean the chocolate penny that is.

I’m hoping this snack sticks around for the entire 50th celebration and maybe even beyond if it’s that popular. I really enjoyed it, but I’m not sure if I would have wanted to immediately jump on a ride afterwards. Probably a better idea would be to have this as mid-afternoon sweet pick-me-up, then grab a Joffrey’s coffee and just enjoy the park ambience for a little while before finishing off your day.

I still can’t believe I was a able to enjoy an edible pressed penny. Only Disney could come up with something this creative. If you are visiting Disney during their 50th be sure to head over to Casey’s and pick up one of these Pressed Penny Silk Pie desserts you won’t be disappointed!


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