Magic of Disney Store – Orlando International Airport

When people think about going on vacation one of the top places that come to mind if Florida, and if you are a theme park junkie Orlando is probably your ideal place to visit. The Orlando International Airport has become one of the busies airports in the country and on any particular day there can be tens of thousands of people coming and going from there. The airport is not huge, but does jam in a lot of different restaurant and of course shopping for those last minute gifts or souvenirs. In the past I’ve posted about some pressed penny machines that used to be available in some of those stores, but over time they have almost all been removed. There is one store that did continue to keep a machine and that was the Disney Earport shop. This store has recently gone through a closure and renovation but is now back open and has a new pressed penny machine.

There can be a bit of confusion in this airport as there are actually two separate Disney stores. Previously they had slightly different names to help distinguish them, but now after the renovations both are called Magic of Disney. One of the stores is near the security check for gates 1 – 59, this is not the store with the penny machine. Instead you need to head over to the opposite side of the terminal towards security area for gates 70-129.

This is the larger of the two Disney stores, and I will admit that this new look is really fantastic. I like the new fixtures and how all the merchandise is now displayed. It seems much more open, even though it’s jam-packed with many of the items you may have missed at the parks.

Since I visit the parks quite often I didn’t spend much time looking at the merch, instead I was on the hunt for the new pressed penny machine and it didn’t take long for it’s beautiful cabinet to catch my eye.

I love these not-so “hidden” Mickeys made out of US cents that completely cover the cabinet. This is such a fun Disney touch and I hope we see things like this on future machines.

Two of penny designs were brought over from that old machine they used to have here and were of Pilot Mickey and Stitch. This new set now also include additional designs of Donald and Goofy, plus four designs from the Disney animated movie Planes which I believe was a spin-off of the Pixar’s Cars movie. I have not see this movie but guess I’ll have to add it to my Disney+ watch list so I can check it out. The designs are of characters named Dusty, Bravo, Echo and Skipper.

I wish that I was actually at the airport heading into the skies for a fun vacation, but at least for awhile long we are staying close to home with a few scheduled staycations coming up. Stay tuned for posts about those adventures soon. The new cabinet on this machine is really amazing and I do think it was cool that they released some designs for this Planes movie that may be a hidden gem. Between these designs and the recently released Robin Hood pennies at Epcot it seems like Disney may be starting to dig into their vault for some unique new pressed pennies.

Have a great week and as always Keep on Pressing!


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