May the Fourth 2020

It’s Star Wars Day!

That’s right there is even a day for Star Wars.  In years past there were usually special events at stores all across the country with toys or collectibles released on this day.  This year, however, is a bit different with most of us still having Social Distancing and Stay at Home requirements still in effect.  I have seen the online Disney Store was having some issues earlier today with the enormous amount of shoppers trying to collect the special release items and I’m sure they are all sold out by now.  But I did manage to place an order not too long ago for a unique item and as luck would have it, the package arrived just a short while ago.

The folks over at The Penny Depot put this design together and have it available on their website for purchase.  I follow them on Instagram and as soon as they posted the picture I headed over there to buy one for my collection.  It’s a fun design and I do wish it had the year on it just to help me remember this was during the dreaded 2020 quarantine.  But regardless it’s a great addition to my collection.

Stay safe and remember May the fourth be with you!


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