2020 TEC Member Coin

We all have certain things we look forward to each year, like a special birthday or holiday.  I suffer from this possibly more than most as I really enjoy most major holidays especially when it grants me an extra day off from work.  But one time of year I always look forward too is when the Spring edition of The Elongated Collectors (TEC) newsletter.  I do enjoy every issue I get, but the Spring issue is extra special as it includes the much sought after Membership coin.

This was designed by Paul Conner and Tyler Tyson both TEC members.  It was engraved by John Gusmano and rolled on nickels by Tyler Tyson.  This year’s design is a play on the classic Lucky Cent elongated.  I’m Lucky to be a 2020 TEC Member.

I really try not to bring this up too often as I don’t want to come off like an advertisement.  But this seemed like a good time of year to just review TEC and the benefits.  The membership fee is very reasonable and usually includes either a Digital Only or Hardcopy option.  Unfortunately due to our current worldwide situation only digital versions are being sent out but that should hopefully be temporary.  Plus you receive a few special elongated coins with each quarterly newsletter.  Fellow members are fantastic and always there to assist with any questions you may have.  Many sell supplies that you may need for your collection.  There is a lot of coin trading and special member meet-ups throughout the year that I would encourage you to take advantage of.

If your interested in learning more about TEC please check out the website www.tecnews.org.  You can even fill out a membership form directly on the website.  Feel free to list that you were referred by TEC Member #4237 (that’s Me!).  This won’t get you any special treatment (sorry) but TEC always likes to keep track of how all the members find out about the club.  Happy Collecting!


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