Happy Easter 2020

Happy Easter!!

Even though we are stuck inside and not able to enjoy our family’s company in person this is still a wonderful holiday to celebrate.  I always equate Easter with Spring that is one of my favorite seasons and signifies to me a fresh start with beautiful flowers in bloom.  However, if you ask my kids they will say it’s all about the Easter Bunny and of course plenty of candy and chocolates.  To each their own I guess.

I wanted to try and share some fun Easter pressed penny designs and found some that I thought were really cute.  Plus with my Disney withdrawals, these seemed to perfect choice this year.  The below are courtesy of Kuniaki Hiraki and his Tokyo Disneyland Souvenir Medallion website and is updated regularly.  Be sure to check it out as it’s a fantastic resource for these coins.

Photo Credit: Kuniaki Hiraki

These pressed medallions are from Tokyo Disney Land and were available in 2019.  I just really loved these and will be trying to get these for my personal collection.  Above has Donald and Daisy Duck as Easter Eggs.

Photo Credit: Kuniaki Hiraki

The above coin is of Woody and Buzz Lightyear as Easter Eggs.

Photo Credit: Kuniaki Hiraki

To finish this set is another design with the Little Green Men from Toy Story as Easter Eggs.  This entire set of 3 pressed medallions was available at the Tomorrowland Terrace.

Photo Credit: Kuniaki Hiraki

But wait there are a couple more I wanted to share.  Above is Mickey with some Bunny Ears on and cute little easter eggs running around.

Photo Credit: Kuniaki Hiraki

The last design I found for 2019 had Donald also wearing some Bunny Ears and is celebrating Easter in style.

As I continued to check out Kuniaki’s website I noticed that to my surprise the 2020 Easter Designs has been released just a couple weeks ago at a few of the Resort Monorail line stations.

Photo Credit: Kuniaki Hiraki

First was at the Tokyo Resort Gateway Station with Chip, Dale, and Usa enjoying some Easter music.

Photo Credit: Kuniaki Hiraki

Next was over at the Bayside Station and has Mickey and Usa as Easter Eggs.  I really like these character egg designs.

Photo Credit: Kuniaki Hiraki

The final two designs were located at the Tokyo DisneySea station.  The first image had Daisy, Donald, and Usa.

Photo Credit: Kuniaki Hiraki

The final medallion so far has Minnie and Usa as Easter Eggs.  This may be my favorite design of them all.

I’ve resisted starting a Tokyo Disneyland collection just due to logistics about trying to acquire them, but holy cow these designs are really gorgeous and they do seem to change them up with the different seasons and holidays throughout the year.  eBay here I come!

Happy Easter everyone and stay safe as always.  Keep on Pressing!


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