2020 Pressed Nickel Set – Disneyland, CA

I don’t want to jinx anything, but Disneyland is kind of on a roll with new pressed coin designs.  Not too long ago we had the new Haunted Mansion set released, and now just about a month into the new year, they have released the new 2020 pressed Nickels.

This machine can be found just about halfway down Main Street at the Penny Arcade.

I like this set a lot.  The Mickey head in 2020 is a nice little touch.  The castle is always one of my favorite landmarks, but I think this year I’m enjoying the one with the Matterhorn on it.  That’s pretty unique and I can’t think of when I had last seen a pressed coin with the bobsled attraction on it.

As always, we can try to guess that these will available for the remainder of this calendar year.  However I would recommend getting a set as soon as possible, you just never know when a machine will disappear.


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