Contest – Win a Set of 2019 Walt Disney World Pressed Coins


This is a chance for you to get a complete set of the 2019 Pressed Coins that I had written about in a previous post.   Click here to read all about them and get more details on each coin.  This will include all 17 coins (9 Pennies and 8 Quarters) which also includes the Minnie Mouse quarter that was only available for a short time before being removed.

As stated above this is a FREE contest.  To enter just post a comment below with what your very first pressed coin was and where you got it.  Can’t remember, no problem just post what your favorite pressed coin is and how you acquired it.  Simple right!

Post as many times as you like, and be sure to spread the word.  This is always a lot of fun when there is a lot of participation. The contest will end on June 30th, 2019.  At that time I’ll randomly select a winner and will contact you for your mailing information.

If you haven’t already, be sure to stop by our Youtube channel: davidscointravels and subscribe for videos all about pressed coins including updates on new Walt Disney World pennies.  Your support there helps us offer these types of contests.

Good luck!!

**Please note this is just for entertainment purposes.  This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by The Walt Disney Company.

22 thoughts on “Contest – Win a Set of 2019 Walt Disney World Pressed Coins

  1. My first pressed coin was the pressed penny from the Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT, which featured Mickey wearing a sombrero. Now, I’m up to many cool pennies, and your blog helps a ton!


  2. One of my favorite pressed coin is a quarter coin with Tinker Bell on that I got from Disneyland in Anaheim, California. There was a press machine at the time in the Castle as you walked through. I happen to be waiting for a friend who is taking a picture in front of the castle. I spotted the machine and just had to get one. I don’t know what it is about the coins but I love collecting them. I have a bunch of Colin’s for Mickey’s 60th celebration.


      • Oh wow, I’m not sure I can remember my first pressed coin with a design. But I can remember my first flattened coin. As a kid, I found a train-flattened penny on the tracks at the train station in Harper’s Ferry, WV. I had no idea it was something people did! It wasn’t for another several years that I realized there were machines at certain places that would press a design into pennies. And even then, it wasn’t until I was well into adulthood that I started collecting. But now I’m hooked, and this blog has been a huge source of knowledge!


      • Thanks for sharing. I think sometimes people forget those were an early version of flattened / pressed coins. I have a few train flattened coins in my collection and they are very unique. Good luck!


  3. My very first coin was from a local amusement park here in Ohio called Americana. I was just a kid at the time and I remember not quite believing that the machine would press a design into the penny. I was quite astounded that I could see faint traces of Lincoln on the back, which assured me that the machine did in fact press my penny! That amusement park closed 20 years ago so that penny is also one of my favorites in my collection.


  4. My first and favorite is from Mammoth Cave in Kentucky from the 90’s when my class went on a field trip there. Been hooked ever since!


  5. How fun! I do not remember the first penny… my favorite is one I got in Israel.
    Heading to D.C. this summer and hope to get a few more!
    My nephew is also attending the World Scout Jamboree~ just hoping he remembers 🙂


  6. I literally just stumbled onto your Instagram and blog a few minutes ago and I’m so glad I have. I first acquired my first penny pressed back in middle school. It was from the zoo I went for a field trip. I love the idea of collecting pressed money images as a token for traveling. When my friends and family goes on vacation, the first thing I ask is to get my penny pressed images or a small art work to hang. My sister who travels a lot for work, brings always bring some home ❤ the one that I absolutely love is the Tokyo penny pressed of Minnie and Mickey kissing. My sister got me that one!


  7. I am from the UK. My first pressed penny was bought just last month! It is of Rapunzel and I got it from Sir Mickeys in Magic Kingdom when I bought a pressed penny book also! I went on to fill my book during my holiday. Would love the 2019 collection to remember my first Disney holiday there which was last month xxx


  8. My first pressed coin was during my first WDW trip in 2005! It’s of the Jungle Cruise boat and was right near the entrance to the ride. My uncle started the addiction haha 🙂


    • I know exactly what machine you are referencing. It’s currently not available as we think they are updating it to the new price of $1 per coin and should return any day now. I remember always trying to collect the coins that had images of the rides and attractions I loved. Good Luck!


  9. One of my first pressed pennies was a Mickey rays penny from Main Street on Disneyland, pressed in 1989. Some of my favorites are retired pennies, like the pennies I pressed in DisneyQuest Chicago just before it closed and the pennies I pressed on the top of the World Trade Center. So hard to pick just one!


  10. I can’t remember my first and have so many favorites…a set of pennies I pressed at DisneyQuest Chicago a few weeks before it closed, a set pressed from the top of the World Trade Center shortly before 9/11, and so many interesting kitschy roadside attraction pennies. Picking a favorite would be like picking a favorite from my children…love them all.


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