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I’ve mentioned in previous posts that my all time favorite Disney attraction is the Haunted Mansion, but coming in a very close second is Pirates of the Caribbean.  In the past there have been pressed coins designed for the ride, and the most recent was in a unique machine that looked like a treasure chest.  There is always something special when a new machine is made available in the Magic Kingdom so when I heard a new machine appeared there and was themed around Pirates I had to head over immediately.

With spring break still going on the parks were busier than usual.  After making our way down Main Street we headed into Adventureland.

The construction walls on the right side of the pathway are hiding the new Club 33.

For those of you that may not have known, the Pirates ride has been under a refurbishment that extended from mid February to March 2018.  Part of this closure was to update part of the ride known as the Auction scene.  The famous Redhead was being transformed into a Pirate auctioning off items plundered from the town.  The stand by line was over an hour, but I managed to get a fastpass and was on within 10 minutes.

Some people are not happy about the change as this is a classic Disney ride, but I actually was impressed with the changes and really liked the new Pirate Redhead.  After the ride was over we exited through the Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar also known as the gift shop.

I remember taking home numerous plastic pirate swords from here when I was a kid, and can only imaging how TSA would feel about them now at the airport.  This is a pretty big store and has everything you could imagine that is pirate related.

Over near where the restrooms are located is where the new penny machine is found.  This is the same place the previous 3 design machine was located but has now been retired.

These new 8-Design machines seem to be the new norm throughout the parks.  I’m still a die-hard pre-1982 penny person, but have been getting the hang of these new machines.  Being able to get more designs and with the electronic payment available makes collecting these a little more easy not having to carry around a pocket full of change.  If they could just figure out a way that I could use my own pennies in these I would be in heaven.

For anyone that hasn’t used one of these machines yet, should you come across one make sure to try it at least once.  The inner works of the press is really fun to watch.

The machine pressed all the “pennies” nicely.  I did roll  a couple sets and a few of them were a little short or off-center but nothing too serious.  The designs in this set include Pirate Mickey, Pirate Minnie, Pluto with the Jail cell key as seen in the ride, Pirate Goofy, Pirate Donald on a Cannon, a Skull and Crossbones, Dead Men Tell No Tales, and the Pirate Ship.

I’m not sure why but I just get the feeling that 2018 is going to be a big year for new Disney pressed coins.  This new machine is a great theme and I’m glad the Pirate attraction got these great new coins.  My fingers are crossed for maybe an 8-Design Haunted Mansion set which would be awesome (hint hint Disney).  But whatever comes out next I’ll be sure to get there as soon as possible to check them out.


9 thoughts on “NEW Pirates of the Caribbean – Magic Kingdom

  1. There are a Couple of other places that could use penny Machines:

    Magic Kingdom
    *Haunted Mansion
    *Small World
    *Winnie the Pooh

    *Spaceship Earth
    *Club Cool
    *Gran Fiesta Tour

    Hollywood Studios
    *Star tours

    Animal Kingdom
    *Flight of Passage
    *Na’vi River Journey

    Plus, at animal Kingdom we need more designs in general then just “Animal Kingdom” and a Character.


    • Those are all fantastic ideas and I’m on board with all of them. Now we just need to hope Disney is watching or figure out how to suggest these as I think they would be very popular designs.


  2. Hi, David. We are going to Magic Kingdom soon, so I have been researching the available coin press machines online. Your blog has been very helpful. I didn’t realize until just now that I would not have to bring my own coins for these new machines. Are there any coin press machines left in MK that I will need my own coins for? Are the pennies still 51 cents each? Is the electronic payment (I assume by credit card) a requirement, or can I still pay with cash at the new machines? Is there an extra charge if I pay by credit card? Thanks!


      • I managed to zoom in on most of your photos and found answers to many of my above questions, so nevermind. It’s a shame that some of these new machines that use the blanks instead of pennies cost $1 instead of 51 cents. I can see that about half the pennies I want are still only 51 cents, though (yay), and that I need to supply my own coins for those.

        I just have one question for you now. I didn’t see you mention anything about the dime-press machine at Tomorrowland Light & Power. Do you know if it’s still there? And, if it is, do you know how much the pressed dimes are?

        Thanks for your patience with me!


      • These new machines are definitely different to use and as a collector I like that it adds a lot of new designs each year but I do wish they had an option where we could load our own pennies into the machine to be pressed. The blanks they use do some out pretty nice and the designs are easy to see, but I’m curious how they will hold up over the years but I guess only time will tell.

        I was just at Magic Kingdom about a week ago and can confirm the Dime machine is still over in the gift shop for Space Mountain (Tomorrowland Light & Power). Just note that the old exit to Space mountain which used to lead right into this gift shop is under renovation. So if you were planning on riding Space Mountain first you get exited out the back of the building and walk all the way around outside. The gift shop is still open you just have to get to it from outside the ride. Each design is $0.85. $0.75 to use the machine and the $0.10 to press.

        Good luck on this upcoming trip. It sounds like you have a lot of coins to press which was always one of my favorite things to do on my trips to Disney. Keep me in the loop on how everything goes and which coins you pressed I love to hear back it. If you have any other questions feel free to let me know.


      • Correct. If you want to just get a couple of the coins they are $1 each. You would just have to press them one at at time. There is a bit of a discount if you buy all the designs at those machines $5 for all 8, but with the total number of those machines that can get a little pricy after awhile.


    • Thanks for all the questions. I’ll try to respond to them here.
      Those new touch screen models have been popping up more often lately and do still accept cash payment if you don’t want to use a credit card but I believe they are unable to give you change so you have to insert the exact amount. Also if you do decide to use an electronic payment there is no additional cost. I actually use ApplePay on my watch most of the time when using those machines which seems to baffle people sometimes.

      The machines with 8 total designs usually are $5 for all 8 pennies or $1 each so they give you a bit of a discount for pressing the entire collection. There is also a 12 design machine over at Disney Springs and those are still $1 each or $10 for all 12. The only draw back of these new machines for some collectors is that you don’t need to supply the penny. Some collectors prefer to use specific pennies (shiny new ones or pre-1982 coppers) and these machines don’t allow you to do that. They supply a blank token instead, but the designs still come out very nice.

      There are still a lot of the more classic machines available at all the parks, and resorts. Those machines are still $0.51. For the most up to date lists of machines I would recommend checking out They are an amazing resource that I use all the time. They have a PDF checklist you can actually print out and take with you to the parks.


  3. Thank you so much for your detailed replies! They were very helpful. I think I am most excited about the Space Mountain/Tomorrowland logo on the dime, so I’m glad to hear that the dime press is still at Tomorrowland Light & Power! I will post an update when we get back from our trip. Thanks again for your time and for all the tips! Your blog is great!


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