Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

As the years go by I’m always amazed at just how quickly times seems to fly by.  At lot has happened this past year for my family with a big relocation move, and adjusting to a new city and state.  My family has been enjoying our new surroundings and I’m thankful they were willing to partake on this big change with open minds and open hearts.

Photo credit: StudioTwelve 28

A special Thank you to everyone out there reading this.  I’m always thankful for all of you that come back week after week and follow my adventures as I aimlessly wander around trying to find pressed penny machines.  Keep all those comments and messages coming I love hearing from all of you and always enjoy answering any questions you may have about the hobby.

The above pressed penny is in my collection (somewhere) but I just couldn’t find it for some reason.  But the image above is from StudioTwelve28.com that has a wide variety of special occasion designs available.  I have quite a few of their coins in my collection and use them quite often for gifts and special thank you.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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