Pin Stand / Last Ride on Ellen’s Energy Adventure – Epcot

With all the new changes announced to the Walt Disney World theme parks, fans are still trying to digest all that is coming and changing over the next few years.

One of the parks getting a pretty huge make over is Epcot.  Older rides are closing to make way for new ones, murmurs of a new country pavilion are still going on.  But one of the biggest changes appears to be right behind Spaceship Earth (The big golf ball).  In this location there is a pretty big water fountain that put on a show every hour or so.  Based on some concept art Disney released it looks like this entire area is changing and the founding is moving closer towards the World’s Showcase.  So why am I telling you this, well it has to do with some penny machines.  In this area of the park there were two buildings Innoventions East and Innoventions West.

The interactive experiences they place inside these builders were always chasing and to be honest never really that great, but they each had a penny machine inside.  Now with these new changing coming it appears these buildings are going away.  So what does that mean for the penny machines.  Usually they may just go away and not come back, but just recently these machines were removed, given a fresh paint job and were relocated.

This may be another temporary location for these machines, but for now they can both be found at the Pin Trader Stand near the Electric Umbrella quick service restaurant.

The designs in both these machines are unchanged, just the cabinets are a different color.

The first machine has images of Mickey’s Face, Phineas & Ferb, Figment, and Agent P.

The second machine is on the opposite side of the Pin Station.

The images on this second set include Spaceship Earth with a Goofy Hat and Clothes, Agent P, Phineas & Ferb playing Guitars, and Duffy Bear.

As I mentioned these designs have not changed, so if you already have these from their original locations in the Innoventions buildings no really need to get these again.  I wanted to just give an update of where these machines can now be found.  Also I’m happy to see that Disney didn’t just do away with them but instead moved them around.  The more penny machines available the better.  As more of the parks start to go under constructions we will have to see what happens to the machines.  Hopefully this is the trend to just move them around instead of getting rid of them.  Plus with all these new attractions coming soon that can only mean a lot more new machines and designs.

While I was at the park I decided to head over and take one last ride on Ellen’s Energy Adventure at the Universe of Energy building.  During the D23 Expo this year it was announced this attraction would close to make way for a new Guardians of the Galaxy adventure.

For those of you that may not have been on this attraction, Ellen has a dream sequence where she is on Jeopardy and is losing to her arch nemesis from college Stupid Judy.  The questions are all about Energy and she is losing pretty bad until her neighbor Bill Nye the Science guy stops by to help her on an adventure through time to learn about Energy.  When you first enter the building you are in a big room with very few benches along the walls, but you are encouraged to stand in the middle of the room to watch the first part of the movie.

Eventually after the first movie segment is over you move into the next room which has these large slow-moving vehicles.  Once inside the next part of the movie starts and the vehicles eventually start moving into another room which transforms you back to the age of the dinosaurs.

This is really the best part of this whole attraction and I wish there was a fastness or something that let you skip right into this area.  The movie segments are not that great and were definitely dated.  But these animatronic dinosaurs are still awesome to see and pass by as the attraction continues.  Eventually you movie into another couple of rooms each with additional video segments completing Ellen’s dream where she comes back to the Jeopardy set and mops the floor with Stupid Judy.

As the lights came up and we exited the vehicles for the last time I was glad I got to ride it one last time but was not overly broken up about the fact it was going away.  This ride was definitely dates and with almost a 45 minute beginning to end time this can be quite time-consuming for what you get.  The rumors are going crazy about the new attraction but only time will tell.

These next few years will definitely be exiting with all the new attractions and lands coming to Florida and I can only hope this means more pressed coin machines are on the way.


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