TEC 2016 Recruiter Penny

Just recently I received a nice surprise in my mail from our fantastic club The Elongated Collector (TEC).  This is a special recruiter coin that is given out to all active members that helped recruit a new member.


I try whenever possible to share my knowledge with people about the hobby, and for those that seem really into it I always explain out TEC.  In recent years I have also started carrying around copies of the membership application so I can hand them out to anyone I think would be interested.  It’s hard not to come off like a sales person sometimes, but more often than not they sign up.  The membership fee is really quite reasonable, and as I’ve mentioned in the past you get a nice set of coins each quarter, and access to all our wonderful members.  They have some great stories to tell in the quarterly newsletter, and the various meets throughout the year are fun to attend.  Be sure to join if you haven’t already, and start recruiting new members yourself so you can get a unique coin just like I did.


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