2016 WDW Trip Day 3 – Resort Crawl

Day 3 had come to and end for my family, but my daughter Hanna and I were still hopped up on Goofy Carmel Corn and Mickey Rice Crispy treats.  With all this energy to work off  we decided to jump in the rental car and visit some resorts.  As you can assume the primary visit to each of these reports was to get pressed coins, but it’s always fun to just wander around the different resorts and see what they have to offer. They are all so different from each other and a lot of fun to spend some time at each one.  My plan was to start with the resorts furthest away from our resort and work my way back.  First up was the All-Star Sports resort.

rst-allstar-sports-machine-04   rst-allstar-sports-machine-03

Located across from the food court is the Game Point Arcade and just before you enter the Arcade is a nice wall of four pressed coin machines.  The first machine pressed on quarters and had designs of 2016 Minnie Mouse, Mickey Golfing and Pooh looking in his Honey Pot.  The second machine has pennies with Baseball Mickey, Tennis Goofy, and Minnie with Roller Skates on.

rst-allstar-sports-machine-01   rst-allstar-sports-machine-02

The third machine has images of Dory, Pluto on a Soccer ball, and Tigger with Pooh in a Row boat.  The last machine here also presses pennies and has designs of Captain Hook, Hades, and Cruella De Vil all from the Villains set.  Technically we could have walked to the next resort, but I really didn’t want to be out all night so we drove over to the All-Star Music Resort.


Similar to the previous resort the All-Star Music has an arcade called Note’Able Games, and right before you walk inside is a mother nice collection of three machines.  The first has images of Mickey in a Tux, Jasmine, and Aladdin.


The middle machine has some nice Alice in Wonderland themed pennies.  They include the Queen of Hearts, the Caterpillar, and Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum.


The last machine here had another of the 2016 coins with Daisy Duck, Stitch, and Mike & Sully from Monsters, Inc.  One perk I forgot to mention previously was that there has definitely been more change machines available throughout the parks and resorts.  I’ve mentioned in the past I always go through exhaustive preparations before these trips, but it’s nice to know these change machines are close by for those times a new machine pops up you may not have been expecting.  Another short drive and we were at the last All-Star resort Movies.

rst-allstar-movies-machine-04   rst-allstar-movies-machine-01

This resort changing things up a bit and has this wall of four machines inside the World Premier Food Court.  Even through it was getting a little late these machines were jumping with people of all ages trying to use them.  I always take the opportunity to help if anyone needs it or just talk about pressed coins in general.  Machine #1 pressed the designs on quarters and included Lilo & Stitch, Mickey with a Camcorder, and Bambi Thunder & Flower.  The second machine uses pennies with designs of Quasimodo, Three Dalmatian puppies, and Beast & Belle.

rst-allstar-movies-machine-02   rst-allstar-movies-machine-03

I always think the set available at the third machine is a cute one to have if you’re a Winnie the Pooh fan.  The designs are of Tigger & Piglet in a Flower patch, Tigger with Mickey ears, and Tigger carrying Honey Pots.  The last machine available at the All-Star Movies resort has some nice images of Mickey in a Tu, Rex from Toy Story, and Buzz Lightyear.  Hanna wanted to some ice cream to go so we grabbed a mickey bar and headed out to the car, and towards the Coronado Springs Resort.


I stayed here once years ago and remember really liking this resort at night when it was all lit up.  Because this is a convention resort it can get busy, but it’s quite large so the layout helps to spread out all the guests.  There were two machines located here that a work friend of mine had picked up for me, but I was in need of new pictures of the machines.  You can read about it by clicking here.  Our final stop this night was going to be over at the Pop Century Resort.


This resort is similar to the All-Star resorts but the layout of the main building is a little different.  You walk in the main entrance and can then walk into the gift shot which has a path right through the middle of it leading to the food court.  This area is known as the Everything Pop Shopping & Dinning.  There are four press machines here located in-between the gift shop and food court area.  This can be a heavy traffic area but there are some nice sets available here.

rst-pop-century-machine-01   rst-pop-century-machine-02

I always like when the designs include the name or logo of the resorts.  Unfortunately over the years these are not as common as they used.  The first machines has one of these designs Mickey with a Yo-Yo and the Pop Century Logo, Lady & the Tramp, and Snow White Cinderella Belle Sleeping Beauty & Jasmine all together.  The second machine was right nearby and has images of Mickey & Minnie Dancing with the Pop Century Logo, Kaa, and Bagheera from The Lion King.

rst-pop-century-machine-03   rst-pop-century-machine-04

The third machine is located right near one of the check out desks for the gift shop and was located in pretty awkward area to use when people are paying for their souvenirs right beside you.  The pennies included Sully Sullivan, Mowgli, and Mowgli & The Girl from The Lion King.  The last machine has one design available and presses on a quarter.  The image is of a Nostalgic 80’s Mickey Mouse.

I’m not sure how we did it but we managed to visit all the resorts on my list for that night.  Hanna was losing her sugar rush and I was ready for some much needed sleep.  We headed back to our resort, quietly entered our room and got ready for bed.  Tomorrow was another big day and we had lots to do.

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