United Artists IMAX Theatre – King of Prussia, PA

This past weekend I make the hour l long trip from our house over to the giant King of Prussia shopping mall in Pennsylvania to get fitted for suit.  A great friend of mine will be getting married next year and I was honored to be asked to join his wedding party.  After the fitting I found myself sitting in my car looking at the pennycollector.com website from my cell phone to see if there were any machines located nearby and wouldn’t you know it there was.


Just across the parking lot was a huge United Artists IMAX movie theatre.  I believe this place has something like 12 movie screens but I was sold at IMAX.  Unfortunately I had other things to do that day so I couldn’t stay for a movie but did dash inside to try to find the penny machine.


As you walk inside the ticket booth is to your right which is also nearby where the restrooms are.  Just beside those is a little arcade setup and this is where I found the penny machine.  Oh by the way no ticket was required to access this area of the theatre.


This was a 4-design hand crank machine.  These models tend to roll the final pennies a little long and this was no exception.  But the find results still came out pretty nice.


The pennies dropped out with the following: Best Friends, My Lucky Penny (Shamrocks), I Love you, and Guardian Angel.  Now I have seen these designs at some other locations a long the PA turnpike as they are fairly common.  But still a nice find and is the only movie theatre I can think of that I have seen a penny machine at.  I’m crossing my fingers this becomes a new trend but hope they update the designs a little.  Movie themes would be cool!


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