Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park – Pottersville, NY

Our next stop on our Upstate New York tour was thanks to  We were actually in the area to see a miniature train museum (I have loves these since I was a kid) but when we got there the train museum didn’t open for a few hours.  So I used my trusty penny finder app on my phone and as luck would have it only a few miles away was the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park in Pottersville, NY.

Natural Stone Bridge 01

I’m not a geologist at all but this place was still pretty cool to check out.  We didn’t venture too far into the caves but they had a lot of interesting information available.

Natural Stone Bridge 03

Before we left we checked out the Rock Shop because I was hoping the pressed coin machines were there and not deep in one of the caves.  Thankfully my claustrophobia wouldn’t need to be tested this day.

NY - Natural Stone Bridge & Caves Park 02

This shop actually had two coin machines.  The first was a four design hand crank penny machine.

Natural Stone Bridge Pennies

The images included Brave Cave Explorers, two of the images were of cavemen but slightly different versions, and the four image had Adventure Tour Explore your World.  As you can see from the image above the machine rolled the pennies long and each came out with a bit of a tail, but the images weren’t distorted as all.

NY - Natural Stone Bridge & Caves Park 01

The second machine only had one design but was a rare find in our hobby.  This machine pressed dimes.  The cost was $0.75 plus your dime for a total of $0.85.  The machine is set up with a fancy cabinet that advertised Dime “n” Mine which I thought was pretty cool.

Natural Stone Bridge Dime

The image on the dime was another caveman which as you can probably tell was a theme here.  I stored the new coins away and hear the call of the model railroad.  I was glad to have found this place and had a great time here.  Be sure to get the Penny Finder App for your iPhone’s, I think it’s about $2 but comes in handy when you need to know if there are penny machines lurking nearby.  Happy collecting!!


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