Union Station – Washington, DC

Recently my father has been commuting from New Jersey to Washington, DC for work.  Instead of driving the whole time he’s been taking the train at the beginning of the week and coming home at the end for the weekends.  After his first week when he came home he was telling us all about it and mentioned how amazed he was by Union Station in DC.

Union Station DC 01

A couple of years ago I had visited DC with my family for a long weekend vacation and we walked by Union Station but didn’t have time to go instead and look around.  My dad took some pictures and it really is a cool looking building.

Union Station DC 02

Then suddenly one day something struck me.  I remembered that the reason I had initially wanted to go inside Union Station was because they had some penny machines.  I quickly logged on to pennycollector.com and double checked to see if the machines were still available, and wouldn’t you know it they were still there.  I sent my dad off with some quarters and pennies and asked if he could stop by the Lower Level near the food court and press me a set.  Thankfully my dad doesn’t mind indulging me in my obsession and went out of his way to get them for me.

Union Station DC Machine 01

Both machines are located near each other but are in the food court area.  My dad said both machines were working fine, but that they were among some of the tables with people eating close by which made them a little awkward to use.

Union Station DC 01 Pennies

The four pennies at this first machine had images of the Union Station Building, The Washington Nationals MLB Baseball team Logo, The Capitol Building, and George Washington.  The second machine was located in a very similar location among the food court tables.  This one wasn’t as busy but I would assume it gets crazy at certain times of the day.

Union Station DC Machine 02

All the pennies rolled out nicely and the images were all Washington DC themed which was cool and were going to fill in the missing spots of my collection from a few years back.

Union Station DC 02 Pennies

The coins at this location had images of some famous landmarks nearby.  The White House, Martin Luther King Jr National Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial.  I thanked my dad for taking the time to get these for me.  It’s always fun to try to convince your family and friends to press some coins.  I’ve had some tell me it’s only for kids and they won’t do it (but I secretly think they enjoy it).  But most of the time they don’t mind and I always try to send them with everything they need to make it as easy as possible.

2 thoughts on “Union Station – Washington, DC

  1. What a great recap of your trip! I’m originally from DC and after living away for 24 years, I’m back in the area (Arlington) and working in downtown DC. I stumbled upon your blog as I was researching the location of pressed penny machines in DC. I have a friend who’s son has a brain tumor (they live in Hutchinson, Kansas). He loves pennies and his mom has put out a request for pressed pennies from all over — to give him some cheer. I’ll be spending the weekend collecting a few in the city and sending them on. Thanks for a great “penny tour” of my hometown!


    • Thanks for the message, glad you like the rambling review of all the penny machines. Hopefully they are all in the same place since I went a few years back. There is a cool new 8-design touch screen machine at the National Zoo. It was broken when I visited but they are pretty good to get those fixed quickly. Good luck with your search and I hope you keep checking back for more penny machine adventures.


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