Maryland House Travel Plaza – Aberdeen, Maryland

For those of you that read my last post about the Chesapeake House Travel Plaza this was the next Plaza along I-95 in Maryland.  To be honest I was still enjoying my snack from the first Plaza when I came up to this one but figured I would stop in just to see if there were any penny machines and wouldn’t you know it there were actually three of them.  This location is called the Maryland House Travel Plaza and is located at mile marker 81.9 just near Aberdeen.

Maryland House 01

I visited here quite a few years ago and from what I remember this place has been completely renovated.  It’s really a nice place to stop in and grab some food, or just walk around and stretch your legs.

Maryland House 02

As I mentioned there are three penny machines located here.  But two of them I have actually come across at other locations.  After I got back home I checked my trusty online resource for pressed coins and got some information from

Maryland House Machine 02

The first machine as you can see from the bottom of the image above is from Washington, DC.  I had taken my family on a long weekend trip to DC a few years ago and used this machine at its original location called Honest Abe’s which was a gift shop outside of Ford’s Theatre.

Maryland House Machine 02 Blog

The designs have not changed and include images of Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and Ford’s Theatre.

Maryland House Machine 03

The next machine is a Hello Kitty themed unit that I originally found in New York City in the heart of Times Square.  There was a Sanrio Hello Kitty store that I snuck into and pressed these coins.  As with the Honest Abe machine these designs have not changed.

Maryland House Machine 03 Blog

I do not know anything about Hello Kitty or her friends so I had to look this information up online.  The pennies have designs of Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, My Melody and Tuxedo Sam, and Badtz Maru and Hello Kitty.

Maryland House Machine 01

The third and final machine located here was back to the Maryland themed coins I’ve been finding along I-95, but were not duplicates to anything I had pressed so far on my trip.

Maryland House Machine 01 Blog

Here we had the Maryland Home Travel Plaza, the Naval Academy Est 1840, My Maryland Lucky Ball Marker, and a famous Maryland Crab.

It was kind of strange to find the first two machines here, the Washington DC one not so much since it was relatively nearby.  But the one from New York City had made quite a trip.  I’m not sure this is a dumping location for machines on the way out of commission, or if they are being transitioned to other locations.  In any case if you are interested in these I would go get them as soon as possible.  Who knows where they will go next and what will take their place.

3 thoughts on “Maryland House Travel Plaza – Aberdeen, Maryland

  1. Very interesting typo on the Naval Academy penny. The academy was established in 1845, not 1840. You’d think they would have checked that before making the die for this machine.


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