It’s a Girl

I wanted to take a quick opportunity to announce that my wife gave birth to our second daughter today.

It's A Girl 02

Our special little girl’s name is Melody and she arrive at a little after 2pm this afternoon after about 16 hours of labor.


Both baby and mommy are doing great and hopefully we will be able to take her home soon to meet the rest of the family.  In preparation of her arrival I had gone through my penny collection and found these two coins.  I’m not sure exactly why I had them or how I acquired them but it must have been fate.

It's A Girl 01

Now I just need to sign her up for a Junior TEC News subscription.  It’s never too early to get her into the hobby.  Who needs to put spare money into a college account when there are pressed pennies to collect.

Thanks again for all the support and well wishes, they are all very much appreciated.


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