Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

As I sit to write this my family is upstairs packing the turkey in our car so we can head over to my parents house to start our Thanksgiving festivities.  Risking a major scolding I wanted to post a quick Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there.

This is the time of year to really take the time to think about and be thankful for everything we have.  Most of the year we can mistakenly take for granted our family and friends but on this special day as you enjoy your turkey or whatever other special meal you have prepared, just take a look around at your loved ones and be thankful.

To all of you out there I would like to say thank you for coming back week after week and following my adventures (or mis-adventures) in pressed penny collecting.  It means a lot to know that so many of you share this hobby and are just as obsessed as I am and by some of the feedback maybe even more.

Thanksgiving 01

I found the above coin in my collection and wanted to share it.  It was design by StudioTwelve28.  They have a wonderful website you can visit at StudioTwelve28.com with lots of great penny designs available.

Thanks again and have a safe a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!


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