Reading Terminal Market – Philadelphia, PA

So far we had visited quite a few places and made great time.  But it was getting close to lunch time so I decided we would head a half-dozen blocks or so down Arch Street to the Reading Terminal Market.

Reading Terminal

This place is really cool.  It’s an enclosed indoor public market that has anything you could possibly want.  There is fresh produce, butchers, fresh seafood, spice merchants, florists and artisan cheeses.

For lunch we had a wide range of food counters serving everything from cheese steaks and roast pork sandwiches to Corned Beef and Philly’s famous Bassett’s Ice Cream.

Reading Terminal 02

Hanna picked out some chicken strips and french fries and I headed for a cheese steak. I’m Philly and should what the locals have.  With food on our tray we walked towards the back of the market where there are lots of tables and chairs setup for patrons to enjoy their food.  After eating we went to make a pit stop and lucked out in finding the next penny machine was right outside the restrooms.

PA - Reading Terminal 01 2015

I will admit this wasn’t a great location for the machine as it was a high traffic area and lots of people were using the machine to lean on but eventually we were able to press out coins.  I always find these types of machines a little hard to use, the handle is kind of low for me and I always need to kneel down to use it.  But with Hanna’s help we managed without any serious injury.

Reading Terminal Pennies

The four designs included: A Pig, The Liberty Bell, William Penn, and the Reading Terminal Market Logo.  A large crowd was starting to form but it wasn’t to use the machine so we packed up our stuff and headed out of the very busy market.  Once outside we headed back to where we had parked as we needed to drive a little more than I was willing to walk at that point to our next destination which I was sure Hanna was really going to be exited about.


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